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  1. [FONT=Lucida Calligraphy]This nursing school thing is really great somedays and absolutely awful on other days. It makes u think in a totally different way. As soon as you think you have it under control, it smacks you in the face with a "yeah right". I want to know how women with small children are doing out there with school. I am doing ok grade wise, its my household life I cant get a hold of. I feel like I have lost complete control. I want to know how someone goes through nursing school with a son going through terrible twos and makes it out sane. I feel like I want to take the bridge sometimes.Everything he touches is somehow ruined and I am tired of cleaning up the same mess multiple times a day. All the "nos" and "mine!" are going through my skull. Now I have done this terrible 2 thing three other times( have 4 kids) but I guess because my focus is different it seems more difficult and harder to deal with. Oh I just dont know how to fix this and I am sure I have to just go with it, but in the process it is driving me mad. I do have a supportive husband but he works nights so we could avoid a babysitting bill . Please send me some tips or tricks. Even a reassurance that you are all going through this would be nice.
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  3. by   juicy_jade
    I have a 5 year old, 4 year old and a 3 month old. I am in my second semester and I think that my children act the same as before I started school. I really try to set aside some time just for them. When I study, I give my 2 bigger ones some crayons and paper so they can "study" too. I think as far as cleaning up the same mess several times a day, same here! I try to keep a sense of humor and try to make them help clean too. Good luck. It does get better. Just remember that you aren't alone out there.

  4. by   Rocky#3B
    Hi Momx4,

    I am crying while reading your post becasue I am in the same situation and have reached my limit today. My 2 year old son is also going through the terrible twos and it is driving me crazy. I am in my secong semester of nursing school and my grades are great but my home life is caotic and out of control. My house is a mess and I do not know how to balance everything. I used to be able to manage fine. During my pre-reqs I would study while my son napped or went to bed and devoted my days to taking care of him if I was not in class; but now everything has spinned out of control. My son is so active, gets into everything he is not supposed to and I am constantly cleanning the same thing over and over and when I clean something he comes behind me and messes it up again. My son will not even play by himself so letting him color or play so I can study does not work for me. By the end of the day I am so mentally exhausted I cannot even study. Today I reached my limit when my son had another tantrum at 7 am before class started. I dropped him off at daycare and just broke down crying thinking how I was I going to get through this. Everything I do for him never seems to be good enough. Today I just signed up for a counseling session at my school and a parenting class on discipline. I hope this helps me. Maybe your school has some of these worklife programs as well. I know it really helps to talk about what you are going through. Thank you so much for your post. It has helped me see that I am not the only one going through this. Good luck to you and sorry I cannot offer any advice. Email me if you want to talk.
  5. by   trellimana
    I have a 15yo, 11yo, 6yo, 3yo, and 8wk old, so I definitely hear you about cleaning the same things over and over and over! My house is a mess, but if I don't get to it today, guess what? It'll still be messy tomorrow! I try to remind myself frequently that they're only little once, and I try to enjoy this time while it lasts. I also try to involve my kiddies in as many activities as possible so that when I do have to study they're not that deprived and can give me a little time. And many times I do my studying late at night or very early in the morning (I've been known to wake up at 4 despite NOT being a morning person). It's not easy, but it's doable. Hang in there, this too shall pass!
  6. by   lala123
    I dont know how ive been doing it or how anyone with small children do it!! I am the most exhausted I have been in my life!!!!!! I have a 2 and a 3 year old, plus im still pretty young. My husband also works nights. Which absolutely kill me! We dont even see each other and my babies are either with 1 or the other. He is actually working 2 jobs right now so we can pay daycare also. I feel so bad for him ..b/c that is too much. I feel out of control most of the time. As a matter of fact, I just cried about 20 min. ago b/c i didnt know what to do! I am in my 2nd semester and I thought first semester was easier and loved it. First semester we had 10 classes but 5 were online so i could go on my own pace. Now we have 30 hrs a week clinical time plus 2 days of class room theory. I am seriously thinking about quitting, but I dont want to! I dont know what to do. I have 6 months left to finish up! I miss my family...i miss my babies....i miss my home.....i miss everything i used to know!!!!! =(( Well get through this.....
  7. by   StudyingNursing
    You can do it! Just take it one day at a time. When I started nursing school, my children were 6, 5, 1 & 1. The terrible twos were not easy with twin boys while in nursing school, but we all survived. My boys are 5 now, and started Kindergarten this year; I graduated last May and work in Labor & Delivery now, which was my dream job. :spin: (I have found it's kind of like labor; I know it was awful and terribly hard at the time, but looking back I remember more good than bad LOL)
  8. by   novermyhead
    Same here...situation is a bit different. I have a 3 year old boy, and a 13 year old "the world revolves around me, forget about you, it's what I want that matters, I know everything and my mom knows absolutely nothing" young lady. I'm going into my second semester of nursing school. Even though my teenager is a bit selfish at times she is a big help with distracting the tazmanian devil while I get caught up with sleep, studying, homework, lab etc. I reward her with her own weekend get aways with her friends. slumber party, skating. I have to be honest. I gave up a lot to get even this far, I worked my rear end raw to make it where I am now, and I still have a uphill battle to go. Reflecting on ALL of the semesters that I cried, studied, cried, pulled my hair out and wondered just how in the world I was going to make it another semester helps me to make it through my CURRENT semester. Think about it ladies...just how many semesters have you gone through when you thought "I cant make it"? but you still end up pulling through??? Just look back at all of the semesters that you have endured and that will give you the strenght to keep it moving. No matter what it may be Kids, husband, boyfriend bills, etc. etc. etc. I see this as something that I MUST do...no options.
  9. by   momx4
    Thanks everyone that replyed. Though I am sorry for you all but I am happy to know I am not the only one. I feel alot better now and I am trying to see the rewards when I am all finished. I will get there I am determined. Thanks everyone and good luck!