1st year (or other) students--how do you feel about your nursing program so far?

  1. Now that you've had time to get your feet wet, are you pleased with your program? Did they spring any surprises on you? Do you feel like you're getting a good education?

    Me, I'm just about wrapping up 2nd semester. I like my school and the instructors--they are all very nice, knowledgable people. The coursework is heavy but not overwhelming (knock on wood). However, the class size is twice what I was told it would be when I first registered--I was looking forward to a smaller class size. I have gotten the feeling that some of the instructors were overwhelmed by it too, but everyone seems to be in the swing of things now. The only other thing is that the program decided to add an extra night of class to our summer schedule. This is causing difficulty for a lot of people because we're already juggling families/jobs/school around what we thought the summer schedule was going to be. You see, upon originally enrolling in the program, we were all given a copy of the entire program curriculum, presumably so we could plan in advance. One more night may not sound like a lot, but when you've got other stuff going on in your life, it is. But overall, I like my nursing program. How about you?
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  3. by   peachysweet

    I am glad to hear that your program is going well.

    I'm a first semester nursing student and I am very disappointed with the way things have started off. I have two classes I am being read to "verbatim", and my clinical instruction consists of videos and five minute demonstrations. When I am in my rotations I have absolutely no idea what is going on. In another class our syllabus covered seven chapters for our second test and when we were told what chapters were going to be covered on the test it was seven chapters that were left out of the syllabus.

    Oh well, that is just the first semester and it is almost over. I can only hope that it will get better.
  4. by   Jennerizer
    I can't believe the semester is almost over! Overall I am happy with my program...however, a month ago our original instructor had a baby. So we were combined with another campus & a different instructor who I must say has got to be the absolutely worst instructor I have ever experienced. She literally reads the book to us....that's it. Nothing more, nothing less....paragraph by paragraph she reads to us. And then.....the test questions, are nothing from the book.

    Since we got to spend over 2 months with our original instructor, I think we were spoiled by the fact that she actually taught us instead of reading to us. We learned all of our skills from her & we're doing well. We had 6 students out of 30 drop out. There are a few more on the borderline of not passing---especially now that we have that awful instructor.

    Clinicals are going well...the one thing I find discouraging about that is when you go the night before to do research on your patient, then spend a few hours looking up the meds they are on & developing nursing care plans----only to show up the next morning to find they've been discharged. The instructor is happy to give us a new patient, but we get no credit for the work we put together the night before. Oh well.....I won't complain.

    3 more weeks until the semester is over......sigh!!!!!
  5. by   Nurse Izzy
    Love it still! I'm finishing up my second semester and am completely amazed at just how far we all have come since last August. I'm very ready for a break, though, and am looking forward to the summer where all I have to do is work (well, hopefully - still trying to find that elusive job!!).

    Clinicals have been great - by far my favorite part of the course. I find that I am at my happiest on Thursdays and Fridays and have also learned (well, was told by my instructor) that I seem to have a knack for dealing with combative patients. I think they're fun. Who knows - maybe that will lead somewhere!
  6. by   zacarias
    What's your secret Izzy?

    I'm graduating in June (hopefully) and clinicals have always been the scariest part of school for me!! Theory is totally but manageable but I get tied up in knots come clinical time. I get headaches, stomachaches, and petrified that I won't know the right thing to do for the patient, give the right med, critically think enough to be considered a nurse.
    To be sure, I've had many, many clinical rotations...but I tend to doubt my abilities anyway. Are you just more of a confident person or do you have a plan that gets you through? Advise please!

  7. by   maire
    It's not as completely overwhelming as I thought it was going to be, I will say that. A lot of work, but nothing unreasonable nor is my schedule unmanageable. Still, I am only in the first of four semesters.

    I like my instructors. My lecture instructor tends to ramble on (and on and on and on...I can't believe the woman can talk for 2 hours straight without ever taking a breath), and my lab instructor never seems to have a clue what she's doing (she's so nice but such an airhead), but I am learning a lot in both classes. My clinical instructor just plain rocks...always encouraging, always willing to answer what I think are really stupid questions on my part, and just NICE. I think overall I am doing well and 'getting the hang of it,' but I think my assessment skills could use a little help. Read, read, read, that's the only way I'll learn. I look forward to the clinicals more so than the lecture or lab.
  8. by   nursbee04
    I love it, but every once in awhile I get overwhelmed. Most of the instructors are great, but there are one or two that read word for word from the notes and don't give examples or explain in any kind of detail. I absolutely LOVE clinical. Both of my medsurg clinicals have been great, and I can honestly say I feel that I have grown so much as a student nurse. The only thing I do not like is the way they spring extra class time and rescheduling on us. Like the other day, my neuro instructor says nonchalantly "we're going to stay an hour and a half longer today." So, once again, I was late to my office job. Try explaining that to your boss...
  9. by   RodeoLP
    I am upon the end of my first semester and I can't complain. I have had pretty nice teachers and I feel the program is set up to ease us into Nursing, not just throw us into the fire and let the best women/men win. There are some instructors however, who try to give students a hard time but I have only encountered one. I am excitedly awaiting Med surge for the summer. Continued success to all of you guys.