1st semester textbooks arrived!

  1. OMG! I cannot believe I'm going to learn all this in one semester! And yowza but the Pharmacology & Fundamentals books are THICK. I'm so excited! I've been thumbing through all my books, have them nestled into the backpack / wheelie cart I'll transport them in, and am abuzz with enthusiasm.

    Piled up the stack is about 16" tall, not counting the boxes of drug cards - just the textbooks and workbooks.

    In another stack are all my NSNA Review Series books, and an elf whispered in my ear that Santa is bringing me 1-2 NCLEX Review books too... Saunders, I believe.

    Anyone else got their books all lined up yet?
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  3. by   emily_mom
    You will use them every semester, which is nice! I had to make 3 trips from the bookstore to my car when I started!!! We refer back to our fundamentals book all the time...

  4. by   renerian
    I am on the 79th book for my combination BS/MS program.........I read alot.......LOL.

    It is fun to learn.

  5. by   tatianamik
    Fundamentals and Med-Surg are probably the thickest books you will buy. But don't sell them back to the book store. Almost every class I've had to refer back to those 2 books.
  6. by   javamom
    We had orientation on Friday and got our book list! I about flipped! We have 23 REQUIRED books! They said that it runs just about 800 bucks! Yikes! That's not counting the darn uniforms and other stuff!

    I'm SUPER excited but SUPER scared! :chuckle It should be a long hard ride! But I'm looking forward to it!
  7. by   NurseWeasel
    79 BOOKS!!!!! $800!!!!! Holy cow, and I thought I had it rough!

    I have no intention of selling ANY of my books back, including Chemistry and A&P which I am technically done with. The first time I went to college (graduated in 89) I sold everything back - but this time I'm keeping everything since it's information I plan on using for a LONG TIME.

    Good luck to everyone and thanks for the replies!
  8. by   essarge
    The only nursing book that I've sold back was my maternity book. You never get much for any books you sell back. I paid almost eighty dollars for it and only got 25 back! Our bookstore is owned by efollet. Since then I've found it much cheaper to buy "used" online. I just bought a $64 research book for $5.75 from a place that I've used quite a bit. It saves a lot of money for me to use in other places (like bills!!).
  9. by   babynursewannab
    I love getting each semester's worth of new books. I will admit, though, that the first clinical semester made me really tired and pretty weary of next semesters content. So, I haven't even brought the books in from the car. I bought them 3 weeks ago!!! :chuckle

    You will use all your books...even the "optional" books.