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Hey gang.........how's it going? Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel of first semester? 5 weeks to go for me (not that I'm counting...lol). We just finished our clinical rotation at... Read More

  1. by   maire
    Forgot to mention, we also have practicums in lab...basically skill assessments...you have to pass the practicums to perform the skills on the clinical setting.
    The practicums are pass/fail.
  2. by   nessa1982
    So far so good
    my exam grades in basic nursing
    93, 85, 90, 85
    I hope to boost those
    98, 87
    dont care too much itll probably average to an A

    So far clinical is good, except I forgot to do my first care plan so I worte a really bad one while the instructor waas collecting them
    with all my other paperwork & drug sheets to turnit it all averaged to an 85.5 so not too bad I suppose

    We have practicums too...
    we get grades on them Ive gotten mosly As & Bs on those but mostly high B's & low A's becuase I always forget some stupid thing that other people doing practicums seem to get Hinted at by the teacher

    Overall Nursing school is more work & a bit harder than I expected. I thinnk Ill do better know because we are doing musckoskeltal which is like A&P so I should do good

    We seem to have at least 1 quiz, exam & practical each week

    Its been a pain but fun
  3. by   perfectbluebuildings
    I'm doing OK-
    Just got back from a refreshing spring break and Tuesday start three weeks of clinicals at the hospital, a big step up from long term care! I'm still shaky on some things but looking forward to the change.
    As far as tests- I'm doing OK, we've only had one test so far actually (besides math and terminology which we do on our own time in the nursing lab), and we have two more I think. Plus we just turned in our first care plan, hope it was OK, they never taught us too much about how to do them.
    But I am defintly not bored!! don't have time to be!! But I am excited and for the summer looking for a camp job, probably a counselor at a special needs camp, then next summer do an internship
    Good luck to all the rest of you w/ the rest of the semester! Take care and don't get too stressed out.