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Ok so here we go..I live in Harker Heights Tx and trying to go to nursing school (LVN). Central TX college and Temple College both have nursing programs but Central tx college is booked til end of... Read More

  1. by   hamolady
    i don't have my pre reqs
  2. by   hamolady
    i definitely feel you on that
  3. by   hamolady
    so true i guess i have to suck it up just for one year..lol...thank you so much
  4. by   hamolady
    I actually decided to wait until June lol.. and plus i don't have to drive now for an hour. My local college is about 15mins from me. 😁I gave it some thought and i am going to wait until June. Thank you so much for your input and advice.
  5. by   hamolady
    did you do the lvn or rn program? just found out cybertex is state approved but not accredited..I actually want to further my nursing career down the line but i don't know now ..any suggestions?..
  6. by   Kosh89
    Did you start the program? I am hoping to start very soon. I live in Belton and was also wondering if the drive is worth it.
  7. by   nanillest
    I start this June at Cybertex in Austin and I live in Killeen. They are listed on the Texas BON.
  8. by   hamolady
    no i did not but i saw on the news now that Vista College just opened up their LVN program in killeen and I don't think i want to attend that school. I know it is pricey but my Post 911 Gi bill will pay for my school. I don't know how i feel about going there i gave it some thought though..
  9. by   nanillest
    Vista in Killeen starts on tomorrow. Next session starts in January. Too late for me I am almost in my 2 semester in Austin at Cybertex.
  10. by   CenterCourtRN
    You get used to the commute. I take the time to listen to lecture videos that might have to do with what we're learning. For example, my school will give us topics we need to review before lab and I review/listen them on my commute.

    Most people who live in big cities such as Los Angeles and New York in sure that is a typical commute time to work.