12 hour shifts & being a mom w/2 children

  1. hi all,
    i have a question...if there are any of you out there that are currently working 12 hour night shifts with children under the age of 5 i would like to hear from you about prioritizing your time. when do you sleep and study and how do you feel when you're are work??
    here is my situation, i am 28, married, with 2 boys 14 months and 2 months possibly switching to a night 12 hour position and hopefully getting accepted to the weekend rn program. :uhoh21: i was just wondering if anyone was in the same boat and how you handle it.
    i may be dropping to partime when i know for sure that i am in the program...
    thanks for the insights!!
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  3. by   maire
    *bump* for you

    Wish I could offer some advice. Those are some little weans to be away from for so long! Good luck in whatever you decide!
  4. by   missnurse01
    there are many moms that I know that choose specifically to work nocs because of their kids (no family/friends to watch or money for daycare)-I have always done the same. Basically you are choosing to loose a lot of sleep! I never work 3 shifts in a row, doing 2 in a row with little sleep is doable-not three. If you have the opportunity to have someone watch your kids for some time during the morning you can get some sleep-also be as ready for work as you can before your husband comes home so you can catch some more shut eye. Weekends always work best if hubby is home to watch the kids while you sleep too. Things will get better when the kids start school, at least you will start with half a day that one then both kids aren't there. Good luck, it's hard.
  5. by   kastas
    I have worked nights since I graduated (6 yrs now). I have always loved it. I did not have school to contend with, but I do have 3 children 6 and under. I did not do daycare for the 1st 4 years. It wasn't too bad if you didn't get scheduled back to back. I was lucky with late sleeping kids, so I was guaranteed about 2 hours in the mornings and then we'd all lay down for naps in the afternoon. It was doable...Now that my oldest is in school and the middle one will start next year I chose to get daycare for this summer and then for the baby next year. I will see a little less of them, but get more sleep. I just hope to make the time we see each other more meaningful.....
  6. by   enfermeraSG
    My advice is to keep the "work" part of the week seperate from the "school" part. That works for me best. I have 3 young children and work full-time 12hr nights. I will be working my 12's over the weekend and attending classes/clinicals through the week. I also designate parts of the day for kids only time. In other words, times that I am not trying to sneak a book out to read! You will feel more sane and relaxed if you know that for that block of time, all the attention is on kids. Rather than being pulled in two directions, accomplishing nothing. You will also feel less guilty when you do pull out the ol' book! Buena suerte! SG
  7. by   lisamc1RN
    Those are some awfully small babies to leave! I would wait for schooling, until they are a little older. I know it's hard to hold off on a dream, but I don't think I could leave my babies at that age. I waited til my youngest was completely weaned (19 months) before I even thought of going back to school. At 2 yrs old, he still seems little to me, but thankfully, my husband will be able to watch him, and I'm only going to school part time. I'm not judging you, no matter what you do. Just know that this stage goes suprisingly fast! Don't miss it!