1 week to have physical and shots.

  1. I got my package in the mail today for my physical and stuff. I have to have it done before Mon. all the Dr. I have called are booked up till the middle of July. I finally found one that is going to take me in tomorrow.

    Why do they give such short notice. I also have to take my first Hep B and Tetanus shots.
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  3. by   colleen10
    Jeesh, one week isn't much time at all. I feel for ya.

    My program sent out acceptance letter/packages the middle of March and everything is due by the middle of July. That's all physicals, vaccinations, blood-titre tests, CPR and background checks.

    When does your program start? Mine starts in Fall '03. Are you starting in the summer and that's why they need everything so quickly?

    I have found my program to be somewhat lenient with this type of stuff so far. ie. all first year students were supposed to be registered by April 15th for their fall clinicals but when I went into the office to register, on April 15th, they were still making appts. for students to come in within the next two weeks.

    Also, when I was contemplating starting the clinicals last fall it was about 3 weeks before the start of the semester and the advisor was really pushing me to start anyway, even if I didn't have all the precursor stuff completed.

    So, hopefully your school will be a bit understanding and a little lenient.

    PS, Call your insurance company and see if they will cover the cost of the Hep. B vaccine. I created an extra trip to the Dr.'s for myself by not checking this out before my physical. At my doctor's office each Vaccination of the Hep. B (there's 3 total) cost about $150.00 each. My doctor didn't want to give it to me unless I was sure it was covered because it is so expensive and she said that I could get it cheaper through the local Health Department. It ended up that my insurance company would cover it so I had to go back to her office a second time to get it.

    So, you may want to contact your Insurance company to see what and how much of all of this stuff is covered and if it's not consider going to your local Health Dept. office to get them at a cheaper price.

    Good Luck!

    We'll all be pullin for ya!
  4. by   FutureNurse2005
    Oh boy! I agree with the last poster though...see about an extension for that.

    Good luck!!