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Will you be carrying them from class to class the "old fashioned way" or do you have a book bag, etc?... Read More

  1. by   RNIAM
    I purchased my backpack on wheels! The best thing in the world. too many books to be carrying around.
  2. by   Swiftee
    *moans* oh sheeeeez....I haven't even thought about that yet. This whole thread reminds me of high school. Our passing periods were so short that I HAD to carry my books with me everywhere. I had to walk home from school about a mile and a half, and I remember there were times when I couldn't do my homework because I couldn't carry all my books home! I've definatly busted my share of backpack zippers trying to cram all the material in. :chuckle

    Happily, I have a car now, so maybe it won't be too bad. I also have at least 15 minutes between all my classes, so I can either go out to my car and switch books or rent a locker. I'd rather have a messenger bag because I like the way they look. Lol!

    Being an *adult* now though, I should probably go for something that will be practical. I think I'll wait till I actually see my textbooks and go from there.
  3. by   StudentSandra
    get the wheels, just make sure it's adult size, not one of the small ones for the kids or the handle will be to low. i bought mine when i started a&p, we had 3 books we had to bring every day, not counting my big folder.

    i think i would have had to drop if i had to carry all the nursing books. we usually needed at least 2 of the big books every day.

    see my post under "book list"
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  4. by   Mkue
    last year i used my car also, would only carry the books that i needed and then would go to my car and exchange books for the next class, it worked out really well.

    a&p books were the heaviest... so glad those classes are over.

    will get my first nursing books this coming week, really anxious to look them over ahead of time.