"Cultural Competency, Sensitivity in Health Care" Texts?

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    I am working on a paper re. Cultural Competency and Sensitivity in Health Care and was wondering if any of you have come across such texts [related texts/material] under the "Nursing School" umbrella that you felt were particularly effective. And if so, what those titles are/were.

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  3. by   Mission
    I'm not sure about specific texts, the than "The spirit catches you and you fall down", but the National Center for Cultural Competence probably has resouces listed. This is the url http://gucchd.georgetown.edu/nccc/
  4. by   Altra
    We used the following book for my sociology class:

    Medicine & Culture ISBN #0-8050-4803-0

    It's a little old (1988) but it's a very interesting comparison of cultural factors that produce differences in attitudes and actual medical practice in technologically similar countries - the U.S., France, Germany & the U.K.

    I enjoyed it a lot.
  5. by   LauraLou
    We use Mosby's Cultural Health Assessment, which gives social, cultural and health practices information about each country.
  6. by   sarah123
    Thanks so much.

    This will help!

  7. by   manna
    We have a class entitled "Sociocultural Responsibility in a Global Society."

    The book we use is VERY thorough, and it's called "Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness" by Rachel Spector.