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so i bit the bullet today and bought my textbooks for my first quarter in nursing school!!! to be honest, although it was expensive, i spent about $150 less than i had expected, based on what i'd... Read More

  1. by   WickedRedRN
    I agree, I think I am seeing that perhaps I should have gone into textbook publishing!!
  2. by   ShellyRN07
    ok now you all are scaring me! Lol I start in the fall and it looks like I better start saving some money.
  3. by   fotografe
    Buy them. get the ISBNs then compare prices. The ones you find cheaper, return. Make sure you save receipts.
    Quote from tonicareer
    Would you believe my school told us we had to buy books from their bookstore only. They manage not to list the books required until the day class starts so basically you have to. I do think their books cost more too.
  4. by   LilRedRN1973
    The first semester I paid around $400-500 (I used mainly www.half.com and www.ecampus.com). Would have cost me over $600 had I bought from the bookstore. I also went really cheap and bought the previous year's edition of my maternity book for $20 as opposed to the $110 they wanted for the brand new spankin' new edition.....and it came with a workbook!

    Second semester, I think I shelled out around $200 (again, using the internet only). Through the school, it was around $325.

    Third semester, I think under $100 (we used a lot of books from the second semester).

    This semester (and thank GOD the last) I spent about $65, again online.

    Melanie = )
  5. by   homeslice
    I dropped out of my program and so I've got books for sale cheap, including but not limited to: Bates Guide to Phys Exam - 8th edition
    Community and Public health nursing - 6th edition
    Fundamentals of Nursing -7th edition
    Medical-Surgical Nursing - 4th edition
    Understanding Pathophysiology - 3rd edition

    pm me or email me if you're interested and we'll work out prices and such.
  6. by   Fraggle
    I think I spent $500 my first semester, roughly. Then it seems to be about $100-200 each semester after that. I spent more for this one (my 2nd) b/c I wantes some optional books and I bought som NCLEX books too. I just like buying books.

    I think it's pretty cheap, b/c when I was in university full time, 18 credits (only 7-8 years ago) I spent close to $1000 each semester.