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  1. by   nptobee
    I like their look, can't wait until I can afford them.
  2. by   Joycean
    I was paying for nursing shoes or athletic walking shoes and having to replace them about every 4-5 months because of back pain (loss of support). I bought my 1st pair of Z-Coils about 5 years ago when they were still doing testing. I loved them then and still do today. My heals and back don't hurt after 12+ hours. I haven't tried the clogs yet but that will probably be my next splurge. My husband now has a pair. They have worked for me!
  3. by   steffrn
    I first saw z-coils on a patient's family in Vegas as a traveler, I definitely thought they were weird, but they swore by them as a family, mom, dad and daughter all. They said it cured knee pain, but I had foot pain from my 12 hour days. They said it would work for that too. I took care of a male nurse with an appy on assignment in San Diego who wore and sold them. We spoke in detail and I bought a pair last May. I am so clutzy, trip over my own feet, really, but I have not fallen yet. My feet don't hurt anymore. Another surprise was a few months later when my mom came to town and I wore girly shoes for 5 days. I got my old plantar fasciitis back. I did not even realize it had gone away. That was very cool. I was going through a pair of shoes every 4-5 months and spending $60 or so a pair. I have had them for 8 months, have gone trail hiking in the Redwoods in Northern California, wear them most days when I know I'm going to be on my feet like an amusement park or shopping. Yeah, they look goofy, but feel so good. They are $160, but the Nike shox are over $100 and do not hold a candle in bounce back power. I will get another pair eventually, they are undoubtedly worth it. The salesperson watches you walk and can adjust the coil accordingly. Every nurse I know who has them wears them exclusively at work.
  4. by   gypsyatheart
    Originally posted by jemb
    I'm trying to picture what would happen if you got mad and stomped one foot while wearing those shoes... "Owww. I just accidently kicked myself in the face!!!"
    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
    I am literally ROFLMAO!!!!
    I could just see myself doing that! Seriously, these are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen, on and off the foot, but if it works....great!
    I, too, think I will stick to my dansko's! I love 'em!
  5. by   crankyasanoldma
    Tom Martino, the Consumer Advocate has a "Fame or Shame" column where he tries products and then writes about them. Here is a link to his column on Z-Coil shoes (very short)bleshooter.com/cf_misc/Columns/ColumnDetails.cfm?ColumnID=471
  6. by   zambezi
    I just bought a pair a couple of months ago...the clog style...yes they are terribly ugly but they are soooo comfortable. I really like them. I was a dansko wearer before and they are much more cushiony than the danskos. Working in critical care, I was also worried about getting caught on wires, which hasn't (surprisingly) happened yet. I do get stuck on chairs sometimes though (you know the kind with a ring around the bottom you can put your feet on. I have noticed that my calves and feet hurt a lot less now than they used too. Stability wise, they work well...I have never even come close to turning and ankle, whereas I used to turn them all the time. The price tag is spendy but for only fifty bucks more than my danskos (well worth it) or about the same as the tennis shoes I seem to like it wasn't too much of a stretch.
  7. by   nekhismom
    I LOVE THEM!!!! I wouldn't work in anything else now. I also had lots of back/leg/foot pain, and support hose didn't even begin to ease the pain! I bought these shoes and it was like magic! It went away. I am clumbsy too, but I haven't fallen yet. I have gotten the coil stuck on a chair as the previous posted noted.

    I've gotten some really weird looks because of them, though. Lots of pts. think they are funny. I just like them because they work.

    NO, you don't bounce like you would imagine. It just kinda reduces the impact to your feet. And the coil can be adjusted for weight and also for the pronation of the feet.

    Like I said, I just love them. Oh, and if the coil wears down, you can replace it and keep the shoe if the shoe is fine. Much cheaper than investing in several pairs of regular nursing shoes!
  8. by   LuckyLadybug
    Nike shox are the name of the shoes like the z-coils haven't tried either one but they definitely look interesting to say the least. If they really helped I would be willing to try them.
  9. by   ladytraviler
    I have 3 blown disks in my back, no cartalige left in my knees and bone spurs on my feet. worked 60 hours on week and was off my feet due to sever back pain. bought the Z-Coil. Have never felt better in my job. i get through working a 12 and my feet say come on we can do more. I don't have the pain anymore. Yes you can change the coil and the inserts. I was buying new shoes every 3 months to the tune of 80 a pop. I haven't bought a pair in over a year. they do pay for themselves.

    When i wear mine to a new place, everyone wants to know where to get a pair, do they work, and how much they cost. I have "sold" about 30 pairs in the last year. I called to 800 line to get a brochure and the owner answered the phone, how cool. and they stand behind their product. I bought mine and the heel gave me trouble. They sent me a new set of coils overnight. they made sure that they fit right before i walked out of the store. they are great.
  10. by   FROGGYLEGS
    Originally posted by kats
    I was looking through the operating room nurse thread and one person recommended "Anywears" shoes. Do any of you have these kind of shoes and if so, what do you think? I also like how many different colors they are available in and how easy they are to keep clean.
    I bought my first and last pair of Anywears not long ago. I have heard many people singing their praises and that was a major factor in my choosing them. Mine are the standard ones. They are white rubbery clogs with "balls" over the sole, but they come in any color imaginable. They are heavy, and seem to be made small. I say that because I generally wear a 9 and sometimes a 10, but the size 9/10 or Large Womens was too small I had to go to XL 10/11. They aren't nearly as easy to clean as you would think. Mine have scuffing all over them and stains are hard to get off. They are getting discolored as well (yellow) so it's my bet that the color doesn't go all the way through. Keep in mind these shoes are only worn part-time for the past two months.

    Sorry about the long post, but I was extremely disappointed in the Anywears.

    Before, I wore the light Rocker E-clogs (R-clogs?). Anyway they weighed nothing, felt like cushions of air, and were super easy to clean. They are even cheaper than the ANywears. Their downfall is that they don't last for a very long time.