your nursing career, THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!

  1. if some big wig in hollywood were to make a movie of your nursing career thus far
    what would you title it?
    who would star as you?

    I'm hardpressed to think of an answer to my own question, since I dont think I resemble anyone famous why not go to town with this, in the theater production of my life as a nurse
    I would probably want sandra bullock to play me
    cuz I find her quirky and hilarious
    and well I dont have the same frequency of hilarity as she does, I'm told I can be funny at times.......

    and the name of my movie would be ........
    drumroll please
    woah I cant think of just one title...
    ok dave letterman style , top five names for wendys nursing movie are :

    5. the bedpan club (in honour of the breakfast club)

    4. enema of the state (probably not applicable cuz I'm canadian and whatnot)

    3.its a wonderful orafice

    2. saturday nite fever, sunday morning hangover

    and the number one title for my nursing movie :

    1. nursenator and nursenator two "I'll be back - after I get to the thousand other tasks at hand"

    ok so maybe I lack creativity but I can give a damn good needle!

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  3. by   nursedawn67
    hapeewendy, I thought those were pretty good. I think mine would be more like a soap opera, such as "The depressed and the confused" ( I work in Long term care).
  4. by   Agnus
    you are too funny. I think your are VERY creative, so there.:chuckle
  5. by   nursedawn67
    With mine...I was thinking...that's the staff too!! LOL
  6. by   Ted

    Very funny and very creative!

    Right now, because I'm watching a cardiac monitor for three patients, my movie would be titled, "The Beat Goes On, and On, and On, and On. . ." The star of this movie would be everybody's heart-throb, Skip D. Beat.

    O. K. this may not be funny, but my heart's in the right place . . .

  7. by   micro
    "but I can give a d....... good needle".....that is the title for your movie.........hehehehhehehehehehe
    xxxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo and toooooooo' funny.....

    your list is great.......luv the bedpan club.........

    here's a couple stabs at mine.....

    1) nurse don't just pass tylenol anymore???????

    2) all strong, able minded and good backs apply here....

    titles are slow to come this lets see who would play me.............

    winona rider..........yeah that's it.........hehehehehehe

    too funny.....nice to see you threading happeewendy.........
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  8. by   rnoflabor2000
    Mine would be "Deliverance" the true story. But delivering babies and the actual movie have nothing at all in common. Thank goodness. Or Beauty and the Beast. A story of one women being induced for labor.
  9. by   zumalong
    Oh my, if I win the lottery I will help produce all these great movies (i feel an oscar here!!)

    Now I am a urological and neurological nurse when I am not teaching, so I feel that these titles can fit several categories

    Halloweeny's (starring Clint Eastwood, Kirk Douglas, Sean Connery- premise: A group of aging heros go after their urologist because he did not do nerve sparing surgery for their prostate disease)

    Scream Starring Jodie Foster as the hapless patient in a demented proctologists office. The part of the doctor will be played by Anthony Hopkins. (you won't want to sit on the toilet after this one)

    Spry kids. A group of elderly nursing home residents discover their DON is actually a double agent for the organization known only as H>M>O> The geriatric crew heads on a crazy adventure to recover the stolen silacone that was to be used for prothestics for a group of residents who were sick of pureed meats. The motorized wheelchair scene is one to be treasured over and over. :roll
    Originally posted by zumalong

    Halloweeny's (starring Clint Eastwood, Kirk Douglas, Sean Connery- premise: A group of aging heros go after their urologist because he did not do nerve sparing surgery for their prostate disease)

    :roll :chuckle :roll :chuckle :roll You ARE good!

  11. by   rnoflabor2000
    Zumalong wins with that one, for sure.
  12. by   Agnus
    Yea, my vote is for zumalong too
  13. by   Cascadians
    Up $#!+ Creek
    played by overworked unknowns

    Get this, folks: we just had a job where we had to take a hip surgery Alz female pt out of a SNF to "rehab" at home to qualify for placement in AFC, right after bringing home from hospital her hubby with broken ribs, blood transfusions, 22 stitches from fall, worsening multiple myeloma, etc.

    Dtr goes in, for 2 weeks her mother is repeatedly found by dtr to be laying on back covered in diarrhea, no Attends even, just an undy pad. Despite dtr's concerns, nothing done. New and bad bedsores on heels and hip and buttocks, incision becomes infected. We go in to find pt laying on back swimming in yellowish brown mess. Takes 1 1/2 hours to clean her up because as soon as clean and in fresh Attends, whoooosh fill 'em up. Staff hadn't done much PT on her, very stiff, in pain. Constant diarrhea, that certain yellowish outline stain and odor, etc, plus staff on floor casually mentions 5 other pts of 19 have C-Diff. Oh great. Wife supposed to come home to neutropenic Multiple Myeloma pt who has been hospitalized so many times the State says one more time and Protective Services is going to take over.

    So we request a lab test for C-Diff before bringing lady home to immunodifficient cancer husband.

    Go back 3 days later to get lady pt, ask what lab result is, staff says: "Oh, we cancelled the lab test because we were trying to cover up some medication errors." They claimed they gave her 2 Senokot a day for 2 weeks without noticing massive amounts of diarrhea even after dtr complaints.

    Meanwhile AFC refusing to take pts without lab results ...
    No Wound Care RN ordered for home visits, no proper or adequate supplies, no equipment, even after 2 weeks of requests, calls, f/u, lists, explaining, etc.

    Tons of visitors, bringing dogs in, multiple myeloma pt has kidney failure and what looks like rash, itching, medication reaction? open sores all over body which he scratches until soaked with blood -- none of this addressed or understood.

    Aaaaarrrrrggghhhhh -- we bailed. Too risky. Home care can be really scary when there's no nursing focus or basic attention to cleanliness, due procedures, etc. We left them with plenty of advance notice, several family members in the house and the AFC operator in there too checking them out.

    Did you say Wal-Mart is hiring?