your 2 cents please...

  1. Most of you know i am a HH nurse... Well i thought I would give LTC another try...
    I went to an interview and told them my present status.. I also told them my HH families come first.."ok ok " was the response...
    Go to orientation and they are just having a FIT because I have informed them of my schedule...They sat there and told me I HAD TO WORK THESE DAYS...after the fact that I had told them they were already spoken for w/HH case...
    I replied..I can give my 2 wks notice now...and they said..ok we will work w/ you... In the next breath they ask about me working my HH cases.. and then coming there to work a 8 hr shift...I said NO..That is a 18 hr work-day for me..they had another fit..
    I have already decided that HH is where I will be staying and am exploring other avenues to fill those part-time hours..
    Just want your 2 cents please...........
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  3. by   renerian
    Gosh I responded with a long post to you Crafty but it disappeared so I am doing it again. I did home health for a long time. I currently work in DME sales, M-F, I love that job. I decided I would keep my eyes peeled for the right place to pick up weekend hours. I found one that says they are all the things I need but I like you, am skeptical. I think if you keep looking you can find something. Do your days off in HH flex or are they pretty steady?

  4. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I think the LTC facilty gave you all the information you need with their actions. Actions speak louder than words.

    To fill part-time hours, Adult Day Care Nursing might be the answer. If you live in an area w/ a large retiree/elderly population, there may be lots of ADC centers there.

    I worked part-time for several in South Texas. In Texas, the centers are required to have an RN on-site 4 hrs a week. It doesn't matter which hours, except that it must be while "clients" are present at the center.
    I worked part-time for 4 ADC centers, and went in at my convenience.

    I had no experience, but they showed me what I needed to know. I did this as a self-contractor.

    I really enjoyed the jobs. I would still be with it, except that I moved to an area that does not have a large retiree population, so there is no ADC work here.
  5. by   renerian
    Good idea on the adult day care. I did that once and liked it as well.

  6. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Crafty, I didn't realize when I responded above that you are an LPN.

    Well, all the ADC centers where I worked had LVNs 40 hrs a week. I often got extra hours by filling in for the different LVNs when they needed a day off, or when one quit but the facility had not yet hired a replacement.
    You could contact ADC centers in your area and see if they need someone on a part-time or fill-in basis.
  7. by   CraftyLPN
    ahhh..don't worry bout it none hellllo schedule is pretty long the client doesn't have an extended hospital stay
  8. by   sjoe
    My 2 cents worth: Work through a registry, as I do, if you want more control over your schedule. Who cares if some loser "has a fit?"
  9. by   CraftyLPN
    hehe lol..sjoe...oh when I called them I felt a rush of adreniline..I am awful I know