Would you find this inconsiderate??

  1. I'll try to keep my rather long winded self short here.

    I work in our hospitals skilled unit. I work the floor 7-3:30 and then do MDS until 5:30. I had MDS stuff left over uncompleted yesterday so I needed to get there to get it done today. I have one pts iv blow at 2:30 while she was ambulating with p.t. I pulled it about 3 and try twice for another line. It blew of course. Pt had heparin in another, iv antibiotics in the one that blew. Why didn't they place something else??? Anyway, one nurse was roving helping with labs and what not, 2 had groups. Three nurses and 3 aids for 15 pts, so enough staff in theory. Anyway, 2 hours later, unknown if anyone else tried, they get an order for a picc line. I left feeling bad not getting a line in. But 2 of the other nurses were talking not thinking I could here and went on about how I was inconsiderate leaving the floor with the line gone. I had pretty hurt feelings over hearing this. I got called off another floor to get started on my mds stuff early the day before. I got 15 minutes in 3 hours work done on my MDS stuff. I was called early to help with 4 addmissions. I did 2 out of the 4. Ensuring one gal got to leave ontime, one only had one. I got the cold shoulder because I left an hour early as scheduled because I came in early to orientate to our sister unit.

    So basically just a short vent and feeling unappreciated. The charge nurse is the only one that realizes the work I put in on the MDS, the rest give me the impression of not caring. Nevermind I spent my first 3 hours cleaning up things the night shift gal didn't bother to do (an asthmatic without any of her asthma meds for 5 days starting sob and what not, an nauseased pt for 9 hours---this gal is new and this is not typical from our night gals at all). So, the inconsiderate witch that I am left with a site not in and 8 hours until was needed next. Not like it was now.

    Thanks for listening.

    Me who will retire from nursing in about 15 years when the kids are raised, the house paid off and never go back again. Walmart is the plan!
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  3. by   fergus51
    People always assume the other nurse is lazy and inconsiderate, not overworked and having a nasty day! Don't let it get you down. I know at our hospital nurses are only allowed to try IVs twice on a patient and then another nurse has to be called to do it, so you would have no choice but to leave it anyways.
  4. by   lisamcrn
    Fergus, thanks. We have the same policy on our ivs. Just ticked me off today when I over and over go out of my way doing things when I have my office days or on my office time do things to help and it gets to be expected of me instead of some appreciation.

    Now tomorrow p.t./o.t/nutrition/activities will all chase me down because my the paperwork they need to fill out tomorrow is unavailable. I'll probably be pulled to the floor anyway so it will be later in the day when they are heading home. I'm missing the 24 hour cooperation of LTC and detesting hospital nursing more all the time. LOL That's hard to believe.
  5. by   Rapheal
    Oh yes they will complain. Just do the best job that you can do and nevermind the complainers. Here is something funny- I followed an experienced nurse (twice) who is always complaining about other nurses. She helps with staff development and appears to be very knowlegable and sometimes intimidating.

    Both times she left so much stuff undone and report from her was like trying to fill in the blanks. So now I know that she is not so good and should stop throwing stones before she leaves to go home to her glass house.

    And as for your feelings being hurt- here is a big (((hug)))))). You did the right thing by making your asthmatic SOB patient, and your nauseated patient your first priority. Seems to me that the patient with the blown lines will benefit from having the picc line anyways. Hope next time you work you have a much better day.
  6. by   Teshiee
    People will always assume the other is slacking off. When in reality it is not the case. Just last couple of weeks I am coming on to get report from the dayshift nurse and she is desperately trying to get a IV in a kid who is a very hard stick when a picc line would have suffice. She couldn't do it and I wasn't mad at her I told her don't worry about it, it happens. One thing I have learned about nursing you have to have thick skin. No matter how good you do your job someone will always have something to say. You know deep down how good a nurse you are. Don't let someone validate you as a good clinician because the ones who point their finger at you their thumb is pointing at them. :-)
  7. by   canadiannurse21
    I'm the type of nurse who believes in teamwork, and I always put myself out to help others, and at the end of the shift, i'm again the last one to sit down and start my charting, and always the last one to leave. Naive? Maybe I am. And although I am still the same way, I can't help but being resentful towards those that won't help me even if they can, and a little sorry for myself for not being recognized as being helpful. After awhile, everyone expects you to be this way, and you find yourself working double time just to make someone sit up and take notice. Take care of yourself. Take care of your patients.
  8. by   CseMgr1
    You were prioritizing. That is part of what nursing is about. And, as for the complainers, maybe if someone told them if they spent MORE time DOING and LESS time COMPLAINING, they'd get something done....and then they wouldn't have ANYTHING to talk about!