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would you do the same thing i did? was it really a crime and ground for termination? or i am missing something? i am a lvn here in san diego working in a small hospital which am employed for... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Quote from Weeping Willow
    The whole problem is that he didn't know how his child would be if he didn't get her some help. And the problem was seriously compounded by his cruel supervisor and her selfish disregard for the wellbeing of him and his daughter. Your answer is perfectly logical and I do not disagree with the advice of Tylenol and recheck her in a short while, take her to be seen in an hour. I think he was beside himself, though, and his supervisor was an absolute monster not to help him out.
    I agree. I'm not saying the op was correct in what he did or why, but the super probably could have worked with this guy. As a charge nurse the staff I work with has had to leave on numerous occasions for many reasons, some are practically out the door saying "I have to leave...blah blah blah.........". They know I'm going to handle their patients, end of discussion. It's what we do for each other.
  2. by   jnrsmommy
    If that would have been one of my girls, I would've been out the door as well. What boggles my mind is that the OP, who was working in the ICU basically as an aide (I don't mean that in a derogatory way, just saying that he did not have a pt load and was assisting w/ 6 pts), finished his work, then told his charge that he was leaving. I don't see that as either job or pt abandonment. Insubordination because the super said no, sure, I could see that. Possible suspension, disciplinary action... defnintely. But not being fired, I think that's over the top.
  3. by   Gauge
    I'm currently a BSN student and when we had our lecture on client abandonment we were told that it is abandonment whenever you leave without proper notice. The OP did not leave immediately without warning. He made constant, consistent attempts warranted both the supervisor and charge nurse of knowing the situation. I personally believe that because they were both aware and adequate time had elapsed for someone to come cover for them that it would not be abandonment. Just my 2 cents.
  4. by   scattycarrot
    The more I read about the way nurses are treated here in the US, the less I feel like getting my US licence. Does no-one support nurses over here? I can't believe that someone would get sacked over this! A warning maybe but sacked!
  5. by   Rexie68
    Quote from rosyjo11
    i also gotta say though, leaving three teenagers home alone unsupervised at night?

    i supervised my babies for safety, i supervise my primary school aged children for safety, when they are teenagers i will continue to supervise them - for safety.

    yep, it means my work hours and my pay packet are heavily sacrificed but it's still a small price to pay for four healthy safe children reaching adulthood.

    definitely wouldnt want teenagers unsupervised in the hours of darkness! my teenage years are just too clear in my mind still

    i worked nights for quite a while. i'm a single mom of four, and yes, i left my teens home alone at night. they are responsible, intelligent young adults who have made good choices. could there be a problem? sure, but there could be if i were home fast asleep, too. we all have choices to make and try to do our best. i would never vilify someone for leaving responsible teens in charge...no matter what hour of the day or night. in this day and age, with families living far away at times, and divorces on the rise.....our children grow up quickly. my older ones have learned responsibilty and the bond with them and the younger children is amazing.