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Just for fun lets just pretend the starting wage for an RN (regardless of education just RN) started at $11.00 hr. Would you still be a nurse? Also, what would be an acceptable starting pay for you... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    SeeBee, I agree that we get as much crap as we are willing to take. I'm glad around here doctors are not demiGods going around abusing nurses. Yeah a few get a little angry at times, usually with good reason because someone has let them down. I've never seen a doctor reduce a nurse to tears and I've never seen a doctor touch a nurse, much less knock her to the floor. Around here, I can think of a dozen or so nurses that would physically attack back.

    When the abused walks away, it gives the abuser permission to do it again and to do it to someone else.
  2. by   foxyhill21
    No you dont sound b!!chy, the way u put it is so funny (haha), u r telling the truth I agree

    Quote from areafl
    Ok...maybe I am getting the wrong idea from the post but working at Taco Bell is a job that requires little brain activity...(not saying that in a bad way) where as nursing requires you to constantly be thinking you are responsible for your patients and your co-workers. What do you have to think about at Taco bell?? (ok I put the meat on the taco then the lettuce, tomato, followed by cheese??) You don't have to think if I put the tomato on before the lettuce will my customer die.
    Nursing would be a much more rewarding job but it is far from easier, and that is why nurses should be compensated.

    (I hope I don't sound b!tchy...)
  3. by   SueBee RN-BSN
    Were having toco's for dinner. Lets see meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato. Heck it all goes in the same place anyway.
  4. by   SICU Queen
    I absolutely would NOT work as an RN for $11/hour.
  5. by   teeituptom
    Quote from SueBee RN-BSN
    Were having toco's for dinner. Lets see meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato. Heck it all goes in the same place anyway.
    Dont forget the Onions and Salsa
  6. by   carolinapooh
    Quote from Tweety
    Knowing what I know now, probably not.

    I will say that in years prior to me becoming a nurse I was making close to minimum wage and RNs were making $12.00 (early 90's) and I thought that was a fortune. So if I was in the same position now $11.00/hr. would not seem like "slave labor" wages. Minimum wage in a hot restaurant cooking, mopping, working late hours, and dealing with the snarly public was slave labor. So given that situation I might do it. An associates degree for that kind of raise might be worth it me.
    Tweety, I love you dearly, but I'd have to say I think you're overestimating what you'd put up with.

    In the early '90's my gas was not hovering around $3.00 a gallon and the cost of living was considerably less - as evidenced by salaries across the board. I remember when minimum wage was about $3.25/hr, and $11/hr seemed like millions...there are people in restaurants working as waitresses who make $11/hr with tips (and I would NOT want their job; someone would go home WEARING their order before the night was over).

    When I was a pharmacy tech at CVS (I toyed with pharmacy school for a while) I made $9.50/hr. There is NO WAY I would be an RN for eleven.

    I can't imagine why there are people willing to be CNAs for less than $11/hr - and they are and do. I surely admire them for it. (LPNs probably don't make too much more than that - ten an hour is twenty grand a year - and I don't understand why they want to do it either. I admire them for it as well.)

    I think it would definitely seem like slave labor wages - because you'd be making at least $5.15 and would have a hard time understanding why someone would bust their butts in school, go into debt, and come out making just a hair over double what you'd be making - with lives in the balance on a daily basis.

    Interns around here make about $27K a year - and for what they put up with and the bills they have hanging over their heads, THAT seems like slave wages to me.

    We couldn't even begin to fathom the meaning of the phrase "nursing shortage" if RNs were making $11/hr. For that I'd rather be the LPN and have someone else's license ultimately responsible for any mistakes I'd make.

    Seriously. I love you dearly but I think we'd all be doing something else with less stress for the same amount of money. I think everyone on this board genuinely cares about and wants to help others - but we're also realists with bills to pay and families to care for. Eleven an hour just wouldn't cut it for any of us - at the very least, not for very long.
  7. by   carolinapooh
    Quote from SueBee RN-BSN
    I live in the midwest now.

    Nurses are seen as door mats, because too many nurses allow themselves to be treated poorly. How many times have you, or have seen another nurse spoken to like dirt by a doctor? Only to walk away hurt, but saying it dosen't bother them. We all say that doctor has the problem, but what it really is- abuse, and it causes a hostile workplace. Nurses have allowed this to happen to the porfession.

    Nurses also abuse each other, and are very good at doing so. I can remember some first days on the job, being assigned a preceptor, and being ignored by that preceptor. I can remember having very sick patients, getting worse by the minute, and other nurses refusing to help out with me having to leave the bedside to call for help. I can remember delivering a baby with another nurse standing behind me with her arms crossed and lips purched. Real professional. Not to mention the back biting, and pure trash like ways some nurses use to make themselves feel like they are worth something. How sad, but nurses have allowed this to happen.

    I don't know about you all, but I did not go to school for 4 years, with a caring heart for others just to be treated like dirt.

    I think it's time to put hospitals, doctors and other nurses on notice. Their negative behavior will not be tolerated.

    I saw a doctor shove a nurse out of her chair in the PACU one day. Her butt hit the floor, and she just walked away. I went over to that doctor, and told him that if her ever treated me that way he would have a nightmare of legal problems. I also went from the nurse manager to the hospital CEO. This doctors behavior changed. It felt so good. All nurses have to do is stick together, and standup for themselves. It is really that simple. Nurses can make this happen.

    And if I had been the shovee, that doctor would have been hearing from MY lawyer. That's battery, and it's against the law. Actually, even if it's not me, I could still probably go after him for creating a hostile work environment. As I said earlier in another post, with the way people are about firing up lawsuits these days, you'd think someone would get a clue.

    Very few people in my life have intimidated me, and I don't plan on starting now. Doctors poo and pee just like I do; a bit of knowledge does NOT impart superiority or the right to behave like an a*. Kudos to you for making sure the buck stopped there. It also stops with me.
  8. by   carolinapooh
    Quote from romansten9
    You mentioned carpenters and truckers, well I am a Paramedic (and student RN) ABOUT 99% OF PARAMEDICS make less than $11 an hour in the midwest!! and slightly more elsewhere..And what do they do for this pay?? Well, for example, Paramedics have to go out in all kinds of weather, drive high speed on ice and in heavy traffic, face dangerous people in dangerous parts of town with very little backup. Paramedics have to maintain skills that many RNs are not allowed to do, they have the responsibility to make decisions that MDs make in the hospital. They often work alone, handling a code blue or trauma patient alone without a TEAM of helpers, and often work in cramped/low light, very hot or very cold environments. A Paramedics should make at least what an RN makes, and for the items I mentioned, they could even make more! Everyone will always want to make more, so I understand why RNs complain. I was forced to go back to school to support my family. (no raises and no benefits after 17 years) I can't wait to graduate nursing school and make more than $10 an hour!!!

    Yes - and look up what the people defending the US make in the military.

    When I was in the military (I got out in 2000), an E4 with a spouse and one child QUALIFIED FOR WELFARE ASSISTANCE - I had a friend who got WIC!! She was active duty military - how disgusting is that? (And to cut it off before it starts, please, could no one go on and on about free health care and free housing? Because having spent a majority of my life as a "ward of the feds", if you will, I can tell you that free housing isn't always available, it's usually dependent on your rank and time in service; COLA is usually painfully inadequate - look up the cost of housing in someplace like Hawaii and you'll see what I mean - and free health care isn't always what it's cracked up to be. People still have to eat.)

    And look at what military members do.....someone is always worse off than you.
  9. by   weirdRN
    Oh yea, far be it for me to complain about back breaking patient loads when our guys and gals are over in Iraq for way less. (That is sarcasm btw) I was in the Army for 8 years and a little more. I got out in Jan 2000. It is my opinion that everyone who is serving is doing what he or she signed up to do. They were adults who signed on the dotted line, the same way I did. The free healthcare isn't free and the housing isn't free either. And no amount of compensation can make up for the time I was forced to endure away from my son eight weeks after he was born.

    As an RN, I did not spend 30,000 to go to school so that I could be someone's scapgoat or punching bag and make less than 20 an hour.
  10. by   Gromit
    WhimsieRN -I agree, they do a dirty, hard job for less pay than private sector jobs. They knew this before they signed, they signed anyway -and for their own reasons. My doctors' son signed on last year, is an Army Ranger in Baghdad now. I've known that kid since he was no more than waist-high to me. He grew up into a fine young man, and is happy as punch to be doing what he is doing. He came by it honestly -his father was in the Army as well, and is now a reservist. He is very smart, one of those kids who was always 'top of his class' etc. Just sent him a big box (well, two small boxes once the post office got done) of goodies -plenty for him and his friends over there- most of it was microwave popcorn and a whole bunch of DVD movies. I know when I was overseas one of the things that meant the most to US was getting a 'care package' from home -hell we even read the newspaper that made up the packing (for fragile items)! Anything from home was a 'good' thing
    I know his father sends him a package about every other week -and I've often given him things to send with that package, but wanted this to be a surprise
    Feel sorry for them?? Not at all. That would be a dishonor. I'm proud to know the ones I know, and would rather be THANKFUL for their efforts.
  11. by   Grammie1
    I work as a paramedic in a semi-rural area for $8.00 an hour, and pay my own insurance. Other benefits? None. This is a step up, since I started as a volunteer, but by the time I finished all the classes I had the equivalent of an associates degree but didn't get credit. All that liability and responsibility for about what I could get working at McDonalds. However, I love my job. Would I work as an RN for $11.00? Absolutely not. I am currently in nursing school, living on student loans and will end up with quite a load of debt. I think $11.00 would be a slap in the face to any RN, and like I always say, "if I am crazy enough to work for that little then I don't think I'm sane enough for anyone to trust tme with the care of their loved ones!"
  12. by   Cristina_NS_RUM
    "if I am crazy enough to work for that little then I don't think I'm sane enough for anyone to trust tme with the care of their loved ones!"

    you should get T-Shirts with that message! I liked it