worrried about drawing blood

  1. Hi, I start nursing school soon (LPN) and I'm worried about drawing blood, whenever i see it done on t.v I have to look away because my stomach flips. Did anyone else have this problem? any advice on how to get over it?

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  3. by   sharona97
    Drawing blood (venipunture technique) is pretty set and dry. If it's the blood that is worring you, it may just mean more experience. If confidence is the isue, again experience helps to overcome this. Just remember, you don't always see the vein clearly, but you need to palpate the vein and follow it's path to determine if it a good adequuate vein to use. Practice, practice, practice. I became a go to person for folks who didn't have good veins. There are differnt techniques with various supplies to help get what you need. IMO experience and practice would help anyone overcome the fear they are experiencing. Good Luck!
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  4. by   KJB_65
    I was petrified the first time I did it. Now I am also the person others go to when they can't get it. Practice is the only thing that makes it easier. We didn't really learn it too much in school. Not much practice I mean. All of my experience was on the job.
  5. by   AspiringNurse7
    OMG I feel the same way.I will hopefully enter Nursing school next fall.I think I have a pretty good chance this time.So now, im actually reconsidering my decision to become a Nurse b/c of the same issue you are facing! I saw a video on youtube where a IV insertion was taking place.Blood splashed everywhere! I was like omg, am I strong enough for this??? I really hate when they tie your arm . It make sme feel as if the blood is going to burst out any minute.Sorry for being too graphic.But like many people mentioned on this forum, you will eventually get use to it.When a patient smiles at you in relief and when you get that hard earned paycheck at the end of the week, you'll be motivated and less fearfull of blood and the other things that make you cringe.
  6. by   AprilRNhere
    Yes- though I felt sick thinking about any needle into someone else.

    I got over it quickly. Now I'm great at it..and starting IV's. Experience will help.
  7. by   Dolce
    I ALWAYS look away when I get my own blood drawn because it kinda gives me the creeps. But I never have a problem drawing someone else's blood. Hey, it doesn't hurt me at all! You'll get used to it after the first couple of sticks.

    Whenever a patient tells me they have a fear of needles I always joke around with them and say, "That makes two of us." Or, "lets both close our eyes." Or, "Really? It doesn't hurt me at all!" Laughing helps to ease up the tension.