Working on holidays

  1. Hello! For those of you that have worked on the major holidays, what do you differently that day, if anything, for yourselves or for the patients?
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  3. by   Victoriakem
    We bring in food, eat all day, go downstairs to get our free "Holiday" dinner, eat that & then snack to keep our strength up before going home to our big dinner with the whole fam damily.:Santa1: I'm on 12 hours on Xmas day @ time & 1/2.
  4. by   clemmm78
    We don't really do anything different as we are a palliative care home. When I worked in the hospitals, usually ICU or medicine, we never had time to do anything different.
  5. by   CHATSDALE
    the difference that i have noticed is that the patients are much worse as a rule..
    if they had elective procedures they would usually put them off until after the holidays
    if they were terminal the family couldn't take them home
    usually a lighter load but requiring a lot of care
    of course this is med-surg
    l&d would probably not see much of a difference
  6. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    I work in MA too MASSRN2B. I work on an ambulance and the people working on turkey day or Christmas will each bring in a side dish or dessert and someone brings in BIG turkey and we have a big dinner. YUMMY.