Working Full and Part-time/Possibly PRN

  1. Hello everyone! I was looking for a little insight on a situation I am currently facing. I am working as a tech on an orthopedic floor at a smaller local hospital. Due to the location of this hospital we typically get mostly elderly patients (especially on my floor). My floor in particular is extremely heavy due to it being ortho and many of our patients coming from nursing homes, etc, and need a lot of care. I don't really mind it. My patients are sweet, but I just want more variety. I actually am thrilled when they ask me to float lol. Which has been happening a ton because we are always overstaffed or called off. I've been floated all over our small hospital, but my favorite place to float is the ER. I love the variety of patients and work I get to do down there. Unfortunately at my hospital I wouldn't be able to work in the ER permanently because I am not an EMT. I was looking for a ER position at other hospitals and came across a part time one at a trauma center that I could apply for. But I was hoping for full time or PRN. I'm thinking as much as we get called off I may be able to manage a part time position (along with my full time ortho job) until a full time or PRN opportunity presents itself at their ER. What are your thoughts? What would you do? I am to the point where being called off is really cutting into my pto and pay Any advice?
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  3. by   Wuzzie
    It will be nearly impossible to coordinate a full-time and a part-time position without conflicts. Not worth the headache. Have you considered getting your EMT certificate? The EMT-B is usually an 8 week course (not every day) and is not difficult. Then you could apply for a job in the ED where you work.
  4. by   IzzyE
    I've considered it, but I am applying to a BSN program next year sometime. So regardless I will probably need to do part time or PRN anyway at some point. I just figure it would be a good way to get my foot in the door at that hospital's ER. So I'm not sure if going through an EMT program (and paying for it) would be worth it in the long run. But I do need to find other work to make up for the hours I'm missing at my full time
  5. by   IzzyE
    But I do understand what you are saying about coordinating a schedule, which is one reason why I've held off from applying.
  6. by   Been there,done that
    How about part time at the ER job, prn at your current job?
  7. by   JKL33
    Have you spoken with the ED manager at your current place? Who knows what they could work out with you - possibly something as simple to putting you on the short list of people who are willing to come in when they need help, or who are willing to pick up some open shifts; they might not require you to have the EMT for that sort of relationship.
  8. by   LanaG94
    That is a good thought. I've just gotten so used to working full time. But, I believe if I balance my hours out I just be able to manage both that way.