will working as a nurse tech help for future job?

  1. Hi, I'm in my last year of nursing school, due to graduate next May (if all goes well, of course) and am wanting to get everyone's opinions on whether y'all think its a good idea to get a nurse tech job this year? The way I figure it, if I can get a job on a floor I like it might give me a bit of advantage next year when it comes time to interview since they would know me and my work abilities, etc. So far, I'm interested in NICU, pedi and L and D and I know that there are other students in my class who are also looking to work in those departments after graduation, in fact some are already there as nurse tech's. So I think the competition will be stiff since there are only 2 hospitals in the town where I live that have those departments.

    I'm having trouble with this decision because I do have smaller children at home that I would have to find care for when I'm working, plus I know that working will take away some of my study time as well, possibly lowering my grades. Plus the added stress.

    What do y'all think, would that kind of sacrifice now be worth it next year?
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  3. by   sunbeach73
    Do yourself a favor and go ahead and get a nursing tech or CNA job. Trust me on this when I tell you, if you don't it will be hard to find work. I am still looking for work. No one wants to hire me because I don't have any medical experience. Good luck with your decision.
  4. by   gonzo1
    Even if you only work a few hours a week, get a job. Very important.
  5. by   truern
    Absolutely is not necessary (I was hired for a fellow position and didn't have a lick of experience other than being in clinical on the unit)...but at my hospital if you have tech experience you make more $ than the other new grads.

    Only you know how much time you can spare away from family and school...good luck in whatever you decide
  6. by   glascow
    I would strongly recommend taking the job. I had that opportunity and took it. I learned so much and was more advanced in my nursing skills/charting/organization than the other new grads who did not work.
  7. by   mrsalby
    I agree as well. Galscow is right. I was able to become hired as a nurse extern once I completed my first year of med surge. On my unit I work as a tech. I also get to learn the nursing role by working with a nurse on days we are not short techs. I have learned soooo much being exposed to the patient care environment. A lot that will help me with the rest of my schooling as well as when I become an RN.

    I also will have respect for techs and aides working with me one day when I am an RN. I might not have understood or have as much respect for them if I had not experienced teching for myself. It takes everyone for a smooth operation of a unit.

    Good luck...you will be able to reward yourself for sacrifices you have to make.

  8. by   sasparilla
    Thanks for your thoughts. I have been leaning in the direction of going ahead and getting a job, but like I said I was reluctant to because of my children. I'm hoping that I can get a flexible job where I don't necessarily have to work a whole shift at a time, this would help me out. Well, I guess I'll make the call tomorrow!