Will Tennessee CNA license reciprocate in South Carolina?

  1. ]I currently live in Tennessee and am taking CNA classes. When I graduate I am taking the state test. I was wondering if anybody could give me or tell me where I can find information about if Tennessee license will r]eciprocate in South Carolina.
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  3. by   SCRN1
    Hi there! I live in SC. I've never heard of licensing for CNAs, but they can get certification. Where are you planning to move to in SC? I'm not sure about the certification from one state being accepted in SC, but I don't see why not. Some of the hospitals will hire CNAs without a certification but will check you off on some of the tasks. If you're coming anywhere around the Columbia area, let me know & I can get you phone #s so you can call and check with them.
  4. by   sirI
    check here for cna reciprocity certificate in sc:

    application for enrollment by reciprocity (pdf)

    general information

  5. by   lovemyairman_11
    Thanks, I am moving to Charleston AFB. I'm not familiar with SC so I don't know if that is close to Colimbia of not.
  6. by   TazziRN
    You mean CNA certification....CNAs are not licensed
  7. by   lovemyairman_11
    Yea, that's just what my teacher told me to search.