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:confused: The reason why I am posting this message here, because I am wondering if I am the only one that has had so many obstacles and valleys to cross over, go around, go through , with... Read More

  1. by   Mkue

    Reading that last post made me think to remind everyone getting Fin. Aid to fill out a FAFSA for the upcoming year (after Jan 1st) I believe. I just got something in the mail today about a PIN number.

  2. by   TruthSeeker

    Found out today from a nursing instructor [who is for the students], that Level 3 received 3 POINTS TO THEIR FINAL GRADE.

    At MGCCC Nursing program, it is a 2 year program that includes 4 Levels. The passing grade is 80 or higher. So for you to pass from one level to the next level, you have to have an 80 for your FINAL GRADE and this is after you take the final exam.

    So every Level 3 student who had a 77 to a 79 for their FINAL GRADE, recieved 3 POINTS to their FINAL GRADE that will put them at an 80 or higher and yes that will pass them onto LEVEL 4.

    What I am so angry about, they only allow so many seats for each level.

    We [the ones who will be repeating Level 4], was told that Level 4 will only have 50 seats available. There were 55 students in Level 3. So if only 40 passed or 45 passed, that would give me and the others who will have to repeat Level 4 a seat to return back to.

    So with Level 3 instructors giving 3 POINTS to every student that was in Level 3 to their FINAL GRADE, that took my seat away for Level 4. Making me to have to sit out a semester or so.

    Not only that, this past semester, Fall [August to December 2001], we had a lot of students to transfer from another MGCCC in another county b/c of their nursing program [which is just like ours], was horrible. So the students that transfer to our college in Level 3 will also be taking my seat. And I say this, because I have been at this college since June of 1998 and that is not right/fair. We that have been at this campus from the start of this nursing, we should have first priority over the ones that just transfer.

  3. by   Danielle4
    I am with you truthseeker you should have priority!!

    sorry to hear that.
  4. by   mtgirl63
    Wow! I can't believe the hurdles some of you have had to overcome, but I know you are the kind of nurses we want in the work force --- DEDICATED and DETERMINED!! Good for you for hanging in there!!!
    My story is a pretty easy road compared to some of yours, but here it is:
    After 8 years of marriage, and with 3 kids at home, the youngest one just 2, I decided to go to nursing school. I went through the 2 yr program to get my LPN. Thankfully I had a great fin. aid director who took great care of me in that area!! My only rough time was in my 2nd semester. We were allowed a max of 3 absences from clinicals, if you missed more, you repeated the entire semester. I had missed 2 because of my sons pneumonia, but after he got well, seemed to be back on track and all was going well. Until I got sick --- very sick! My fever was so high I was blacking out and I ended up missing 2 more days. I was extremely upset to find out that they had "no exceptions" to the rule and as far the head of the nursing department was concerned, I had to repeat the semester. What was most frustrating, was there was only 5 clinical days left in the semester, I had met every single objective for that particular clinical round, and I had straight A's. Had I not been able to meet the clinical objectives and my grades were poor, then I could see making me repeat, but come on!!!! So I went to the dean. Thankfully, she allowed me to stay in, and they set up a make up day for me to do one more day of clinicals. Why couldn't they have a make up day in the first place? I called other schools in the state with the same program, and was told that they all have make up days, then if you don't make it to the make up day, you repeat. Anyway, I was able to go on and finish school, graduated with honors, and can happily say that nursing school was the best thing I ever did for myself!!!! My husband was extremely supportive through it all too and that made a huge difference. After it was all said and done, the head of the nursing department told me that she too would have fought the policy if it would have been her. Funny thing is , they never have changed the 3 day policy!! In fact I heard that it's now 2 days!
    Anyway, hang in there, and yes, with your determination, you will someday be a nurse --- and a great one too!!!
  5. by   Totone656
    Gosh, just read your post and had to stop and make sure it wasn't my name on the post. Here is the only difference between you and I.....I only used my advisor when I needed the signature on the sign up for classes. First I took only pre-reqs and got one degree. Then I went for my nursing courses which really was where my problems began. Each of the nursing instructors were the advisors, when I told mine I had already finished all I need for the program I became a marked student. I took all the nursing classes and passed all but one by 0.4 of a point! Talk about being depressed. Then I found the Regent's or Excelisor (as they are now called) and finished my degree. I sat for boards at the end of July and passed. Whew!
    All these wonderful people on this board have made me realize I am a good nurse. I have vented here and their responses help me along the way.
    Don't give up your dream because it is your's and no one else's!