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  1. by   theboss
    Originally posted by E-RN:
    My name is Elena I graduated in 78, and have been a Med-Surg nurse, charge nurse til I started in Dialysis in 81. I am still in dialysis and love it. I am currently a Center Director. I just found this site.
    hello Elena,welcome
    i am also from california,transplanted to oklahoma and i love it. miss the ocean and the mountains though.i am from sonoma county up north of san francisco. nice to meet you . its nice to talk to people from back home. i am 36 years old been married for 14 years and have 3 children 17 M, 16 M, 7 F , the oldest going into the marines this summer and back for senior year then off to embassy duty. 16 yr old doesnt know yet maybe college. and the youngest she wants to be everything..live out in the country on a ranch . hope to meet more people here!!!

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  2. by   sharann
    Well, you see Rick,nurses can surprise you!Bet you didn't expect so many resonses.We have RN's, LVN's, NA's....all types from all walks of life who car for patients. Maybe we'll get to hear from some more over the next few days?
  3. by   Lisa - RN
    So nice to put a "face" to your names! My name is Lisa (big surprise), graduated with my RN a year ago at the age of 44. I am currently in an RN to BSN program with graduation set for December. Prior to nursing I contracted for years in the nuclear medicine industry writing teaching and instructional material, and when time permits I still do a little freelance. I currently work at a VA hospital in acute medicine and Oncology, not where I want to be long term, but I had to start somewhere. I am planning on getting into research, still debating graduate programs. Let's see...oh, I'm originally from California (L.A. area), hubby took a job transfer about 5 years ago, so I came to Utah with heels dug in. We have two boys, ages 18 and 22 (the 22 year old graduated with a BA in computer science the same day I graduated with my RN - it was very weird)! I have no hobbies - at least none that I can remember - because I'm STILL in school, and STILL having to do these #@$&*# clinicals and case studies, and no time for much of anything else!!
  4. by   Y2KRN
    Hello Rick,

    I think this is a great idea! I am very new to this board and so glad I found it. (Could have really used it when I was in school stressing!) I have been a nurse now for almost a year. I work on a respiratory, stepdown unit. I am learning more and more that I chose the right profession. I was an OR tech for many years, before becoming a nurse. I enjoy bedside nursing, and getting to know the patients. My real name is Denise and I am a Leo.
  5. by   bestblondRN
    Hi Rick!

    I'm Suzanne, RN, BSN, also from Cleveland originally. I've been a RN for 18 years and have worked the gamut of clinical areas. Where do you/have you worked in Cleveland? I was at Sinai for 10 years until 1995, and have worked the gamut of clinical areas. I'm now in the Chicago area--a very different practice environment than Cleveland for sure! Where did you go to school? I graduated from Ursuline in 1983. Oddly enough, you're the first person from Cleveland that I've seen on this BB, so I just had to respond to your post. Hope to hear from you--take care!
  6. by   bestblondRN
    Whoops.....sorry about the redundancy in my post above.....it's been a long day here in the trenches
  7. by   prmenrs
    I'll jump in, too!
    I'm 55, graduated from a Diploma school in NJ 33 years ago, came straight to southern CA, and have been working ever since. I've done a variety of jobs, all at the same hosp: surgical floor, CCU, CTICU, NICU, Infection Control, night super, and finally back in NICU. I met my son in the NICU 17+ years ago, I'm a single adoptive mom. [that's taking primary nursing a bit too far!]
    I love the babies, but hope we can recruit some new blood into the profession so that I can retire, and just come in to "cuddle", not draw blood, start IV's, and try to keep an eye on the young doc's.
    You were great to start this thread, it's the first thing I've wanted to respond to in weeks! Thanks, Rick.

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  8. by   Navy Nurse
    Hey Rick,

    My name is Larry. I have been a nurse for the past 16 years. I am from Texas but am in the Navy stationed in Guam at this time. I retire in August after 22 years in the Navy.
    I have worked in many areas of nursing and have a few initials after my signature. I am also a Personal Fitness Trainer. I am the Clinic Manager of a busy clinic. In my off hours I moonlight doing my love in Nursing, NICU nursing. I plan on attending school when I get back to Texas to finish my Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Degree. I have also written a funded research grant and was the priniciple investigator in research for the Navy.
    It is nice to meet ya'll. Hope you have a great day.
  9. by   bronzAngel
    Great idea, Rick. Hi everyone. I'm Angie. I'm a 30 year old new grad. I live in Kansas City, Kansas, and work in Kansas City, Missouri at the largest pediatrics hospital in our area. (I'm currently interviewing for a staff nursing position in our hospital.) I like horseback riding, music, and thick novels. I'm an aquarian.
  10. by   caroleann
    Hi Rick!
    My name is Carole, I'm from Oklahoma and a new grad (at age 40) working in a BUSY L&D. Nursing is my second career as my BS (from 1982) is in behavioral sciences and I spent many years working in Human Resources. I started back to school about 5 years ago to complete all the science prerequisites I didn't have to get into nursing school (part-time), and just obtained my RN license in Jan. I love reading this BB to hear how other nurses are dealing with the problems that seem to effect most of us. I have been married 20 years and have 2 kids, 15M and 12F. This is not stupid, but a really good idea.
  11. by   CEN35
    Well........I am just amazed......I really thought that that I would get cut down for this one. You know like maybe, "This is about nursing we don't care who you are crap".
    So far am quite impressed, but saw nothing from a few of the regulars, but I guess thats their choice.....at least I know there are a few decent people here, not out to trash each other.
    Since the rest of you went into so much more detail, I guess I should too.
    I did everything under the sun prior to nursing, and never say never. The option To change ones job, is always there, even if it does mean more school. I just finished building a house also (somone else said that), I'm an Aries (which always seems to get frowned upon), like everything, football, softball, baseball, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, etc etc.

    Suzzane in Chicago!!!! Yes I know where Mt. Sinai is (was), since that along with St. Lukes had both closed down since. I went to Lakeland for nursing school, and did my clinicals at Sinai. It's ashame it closed down, along with St. Lukes, the two of them closing has really put the overload on the rest here. Actually I live about 28 mmiles east of Cleveland. The hospital I have been working at is Hillcrest Hospital (known as Merida, when you were here). Now Hillcrest, South Pointe (the old brentwood), Euclid, and Huron are all part of the Cleveland Clinic health system (along with some others like Fairview Park, St. Vincents, and a couple others. When you were here, there were a lot of hospital system choices. However, University hospitals, and the clinic have apparently (or are slowly dominating) everything in Northerm Ohio. It's turned into an "us or them, thats it".

    Well thanks for all the posts, it sure shocked me, hope to stay in touch with everyone. One side note, so far on this thread it seems the plain states rule.....lol.

    CEN35 (Rick)
  12. by   CEN35
    Originally posted by bestblondRN:
    Whoops.....sorry about the redundancy in my post above.....it's been a long day here in the trenches

    Redundancy? Stop!

  13. by   duckie
    My real name is Sherry but I am called "Duckie" or "Aunt Duckie" by nearly everyone. I am 44, one daughter, age 26. Have 3 "furry" kids and am married the second time for nearly 9 years. Rick, are you familiar with St. John's Hospital in Cleveland? I was born there and then 17 1/2 years later my daughter was born there. Great idea for a post. There are a lot of great folks on this board, it's nice to look beyond a "Username".