why do grad nurses get thrown into the deep end

  1. im not sure if u have this prob in the usa but here in australia when we graduate we can become post-graduate which is more or less like training for a year. i will graduate next year and am terrified of becoming an RN because of the simple fact that when i get out there i will be given a caseload of my own patients and left to look after them by myself. i realise that i have had uni training but we dont get alot of clinical practice which means i will be standing there wetting my pants basically as being taught and doing hands on are two different things. if this is like what u have in the US can u respond or if it isnt ur advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   mark_LD_RN
    because thats the way it is always done was the excuse i heard. but don't panic find a placew that will take you along at your pace as long as it is resonable. just be confident and learn all you can. really focus on time management skills this will be one of your best areas to focus on.
  4. by   aus nurse
    Nursing aussie I sympathise greatly with you. As a RN of 16 years experience now I have worked and precepted many new grads.
    I myself went through the hospital system and while it too had it's downfalls we were never in the situation you guys find yourself in. I admire you all greatly because it must be a scary experience.
    My advice to you is to really research the new grad programmes you apply for. You are especially looking for a long supernumerary orientation, a good mentor or preceptor assigned to you and nursing educators available to you onsite. My experience here in the rural setting in NSW is that these things are not available and we expect way too much of our new grads. So insist on these wherever you go to. The metropolitan areas have more funding and therefore more services on offer.

    Don't forget that everyone was new once and we all understand that new grads don't have much clinical time under their belts. It is a fault of the system not of the grads themselves.There has been talk here in NSW of making the course a 4 year one with the last year being all clinical. I think this would be a great idea.... there should be a nursing student wage to facilitate this and it sure would help with the nursing shortage too.

    Hope this helps a bit. I am sure you will be fine. Remember you have all that theory fresh in your mind.......it won't take you long to find your feet
  5. by   aus nurse
    Forgot to add my first advice to any student or grad I work with.........

    Always ASK if you are unsure..it doesn't matter if you have to ask a trillion times.......you will always be a nurse who delivers safe care if you know your limits. I always say I would rather be asked countless times and I always answer patiently rather than have problems happen. If you get a cranky nurse then that is HIS/HER problem not yours...you are just advocating for your patient and never forget that.

    Procedure manuals and the MIMS are references I rarely go a day without looking up. Remember none of us can ever know everything so ASK!!!!!
  6. by   nursing aussie
    thanks heaps aus nurse, its a pity that all nurses are not as helpful and understanding as u are. all i want is to be a good nurse and i feel getting dumped in the deep end will only make me make mistakes. thanks for ur response.
  7. by   Tookie
    nursing aussie
    Am very similar to aus nnurse especially in her advice- well siad
    where l am we dont have a lot to do with new grads as such - nursing home - But l wish you luck, do your rea\search - a friends daughter reccently applied for a got a grad position at St V's in Melbourne- loving it - very supportive program apparently- it really depends upon where you are based on Austrailia and where you want to be working
    Good luck hang in there - you will be OK - remeber you can vent here and rejoice here when it all goes well.

    Take care
  8. by   Jonty45
    Hi nursing aussie

    Just one thing....the dumbest question is the one you don't ask!

    good luck

  9. by   Flo1216
    At my school we have what is called senior leadership. For our last entire semester we are given our own caseload. Usually 4 patients. We work an entire shift and are pretty much on our own.Our instructors are in the hospital, but not with us. If we need them, we page them. A lot of students find this helpful so they are not completely shocked when they get out onto the floor as an RN.