Who Knows Anything About Kasier In La?

  1. Ok just got a email from my recruiter with something on Kasier in La California? Anyone got any info ???? The good the bad and the ugly?????
    Let me know thanks
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  3. by   Gomer
    Big hospital chain...Big UNION...Sometimes the care is good; sometimes not. First hospital group in Calif to go with the C.N.A.'s (Calif. Nurses' Assoc -- Union) staffing ratios. (I wouldn't work at any Kaiser facility...but then, I wont work for a union hospital)

    Also, find out which Kaiser in LA area...some are located in less than desireable areas.
    Ok will do apparently its the one close to UCLA? about 6 miles from it. I havent a clue about the hospital thats why Im asking on here before I speak with the Nurse Manager.
    LA Sunset
  6. by   SandyB
    Is it called something like Sunset or sun-something? I know there is one kaiser out there I have heard bad stuff about but it's only grapevine rumors....most the other kaisers get good marks thru the rumor mill......
  7. by   ernurse728
    All I know about Kaiser won't allow their patients to be admitted to the hospital I work at and it is a royal pain to get the patients transferred and the patients are usually very unahppy that they have to go to a different facility! Especially because the hospital they are usually transferred to is an extra 45 minnutes out of the way!
  8. by   Gomer
    I agree with Zoe...it's probably Kaiser Sunset on N. Edgemont Dr -- which is OK (also could be the Kaiser in Panorama City -- which I would say NO to -- but that more than 6 miles from UCLA).

    I would find out where your housing will be located (I assume you are a traveler). (Stay away from N. Hollywood)
    Ok spoke with recruiter and it is on Sunset.
    Which areas should I request? I can request since I have some security issues they have to provide for me.
  10. by   Gomer
    Depends on your life style.

    West Hollywood is a great area if you are male and gay (or female and gay for that matter).

    The Valley area is cheaper to live if you are coming with kids or pets...but the commute is a killer. (I believe Kaiser Sunset is right off the freeway so you could live in the Valley or Studio City)

    You will need a car no matter where you live...so make sure that gated parking is included with your housing. And if you come here...get a "Thomas Guide" ...you will never get lost.
    Well Im about as gay and happy as one can be but I mean that in the 1930 way of gay and happy. All female all hetero. Married and basically just there to do my job and check the place out and finish my degree. Will buy a car when I fly in (Im in Cairo right now ) but I have a friend thats working a deal for me on a nice car.
    Where can I get that guide?
    Looking for a gated community with security 24 hrs and private garages or a apartment building with total security.
  12. by   Gomer
    The "Thomas Guide" is a -- how can I describe it -- a book of maps. Each area of the town (and this is one big town) is on a grid with everything from shopping centers, to hospitals, to schools, to parks, etc. shown. You can buy it (about $35) at any bookstore, grocery store, etc. (You might see if Barnes/Nobles or Amazon has it -- Get the one for LA and Orange Co.)

    Gated community isn't necessary, nor is 24-hr security. And private garages are almost unheard of with rentals. Usually with most large apartment complexes you will have parking under the building -- this area should be lock and accessible directly to the building. Also, LA is a very expensive housing area....depending on the area you live and if you have a view...a 2-bedroom apartment in a nice area will start at about $1500/month (less in The Valley). Most traveling RN companies have housing already leased -- at least the ones our hospital uses do -- so, ask your recruiter exactly where you will be living.
  13. by   Gomer
    Yes, Zoe...I just found the "Thomas Guide for LA and Orange Co." on Amazon.com....and it's cheaper than buying it in the stores here...on $23
    OK I will grab that book because one way or another I will be in that area Im sure to shop.
    My company has to cover my security, because Im diplomatic (yadda yadda yadda) so its part of my contract and its something they have done for me for the 3 yrs I have worked for them. I so far havent had a problem with it.
    My housing is covered by my company, I guess Im fortunate, I always get a coporate apartment , all I show up with is my suite case and golf clubs and I go to work.
    Any particular area that I should look into , it sounds as if you know that area well and Im clueless about it.