Who is GENERALLY more of a "PAIN"?: Co-workers OR Patients? - page 6

I know that there is trouble with BOTH sides.....but generally...which "group" makes your job more stressful? The patients, or the other employees themselves? How so? Patients= family, visitors,... Read More

  1. by   moinurse
    I am reading a lot of messages from burned out nurses and or stressed nurses. Nursing is a very difficult job and most of the time goes unrewarded. We are professionals and if we want the recognition we deserve, we must act like professionals. We have very difficult patients at time but we are in nursing because we wanted to take care of people, at least that was my intent. The families, they worry and sometimes they can be worst than the patients however with some education you might be able to win them over but let's face it, if your mother is dying, it does not matter, the family is angry and hurt and we must work together to make their bad times easier. We cannot change what is happening but we can be a little nicer. As for co-workers, well "vive la difference". I did not go into nursing for a personality contest but I definitly like team work and the more we work together the easier our job is. There is nothing like a nurse who hits the floor and the first words out at "Oh my God I do not know if I can take this another day? Or I have to work with this group of patients? or I cannot stand this XYZ and I have to work with her today?" get another job and stop complaining you are making our lives miserable and you get us started on a negative tune. We do not lik to hear you moan all the time. Flash, we cannot choose our patients, and sometimes we are stuck with co-workers who believe that "life gave you a living but you do not have to work to collect it" The bad apples ussually leave on their own or they leave against their wills. But let's remember one thing, we are able to get up put our clothes on and go to work and do good. How many people can claim that? A smile is the only thing that does not cost anything to wear and it goes a long way. So we are in for the long run and we should do the best we can everyday we work. We could be in that bed and it could be one of our family member. if you look at it that way, the patients will get the best care. If your co-workers are a pain, you do not have to live with them, you keep doing your job and be happy. Life is good we are nurses!!!!!!