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I was just curious to see if there are some states that may be more pro-nursing. For example, it sounds like Pennsylvania definitely is not a choice state if you want to be a nurse.... Read More

  1. by   MI nurse101
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    mr. knight~
    with all due respect,let me say this is not an advertising board for nursing jobs. really it's a way for nurses to talk without fear of their managers standing behind them saying no,no,no. the fact is ~ if people think their state is behind the times they need to say so. if we bury our heads in the sand like abused women and say everything is ok when it's not, then what will change? nurses need to speak out about wages,benefits,staffing levels,unions etc.
    personally in mi, i follow the nurses regularly on which hospital is on strike now and for what. i have been a nurse for 20 yrs and never thought i'd see the day when nurses were told they had to work extra ,that day, that month ever, if they didn't think it was in their or their families best interest. it's a battle i have fought here and two other hospitals have fought within 45 minutes of here. mandatory overtime is what we are fighting and slowly seem to be gaining ground. unions are the way to go. it's not the perfect solution but i would be very frightened not to have one. mna seems to be forcing wording in government to stop mandatory ot. that is not the union i am affiliated with however i do like what i see on their website as far as the changes they are assisting with. we are in the financial crunch and dealing with the shortage. we have decent wage and fair benefits. we are all stressed though.i love what i do , it's the unfairness of this other stuff that drives people out.
    if you're looking for jobs in mi~look for a union hospital,they are out there.
  2. by   YukonSean
    I am reading this discussion with much interest! My wife and I are both RNs. Julie does emergency, trauma, and orthopaedics; my background is in community mental health, crisis line service, and inpatient psychiatry. I have also trained in the PACT model in Madison WI. We recently deferred offers from a big New England hospital until next year, because we are expecting a bambino in Nov. We are interested in relocationg to the USA around next summer or thereabouts. I have family in NY, Mass, Illinois, Fla, and Indiana. We would like to go to a city with a university, and teaching hospitals. Any suggestions? We are Irish Canadians, with preschool aged children. Names or website addresses appreciated! Thank You.
  3. by   PButler
    I have worked in several states and I have to say that there is good and bad everywhere. Many times it is not how the state treats nurses but how the specific hospital or unit does. I worked in one hospital (A World Famous trauma center with a grand reputation) it was a beautiful hospital with great MD's but the nurse manager was so bad and treated everyone like dirt, I'm surprised they could find anyone to work there. When we tried to ask for something that might make working conditions better, the nurse manager would say " If you don't like it, you can leave...you are all replaceable" I left! Lasted 8 months!
  4. by   nur20
    Originally posted by P_RN

    I'll put in a plug for South Carolina.....we haven't been AS affected by the shortage (yet.) We have some pretty good hospitals...despite whatever grumbling I may have done.

    It looks as if our salaries compete favorably everywhere except maybe Cal and HI.

    Almost anywhere in the state is 2 hours from the ocean or the mountains.

    It doesn't SNOW!! We don't have a lot of alligators. We do have gnats and fire ants though.

    C'mon up/down/over and try it here.

    Thanks for the info P_RN. I am a South Carolina native, but have not worked there as a nurse and I was wondering
  5. by   nsmith_rn
    TEXAS AKA Armpit of nursing
  6. by   nsmith_rn
    Currently I am making my wya out of Texas
    If I have to be a nurse here much longer I am going to loose my mind.
    The conditions for nurses as well as patients is horrifying...... I hope that I never get sick while I am here......
    funny thing is that most nurses here do not think that it is that bad... becasue there is always another hospital that is worse to compare it to

    Sad State we are in..... when the nurses are afraid of ever becoming patients