Where to get scrubs???

  1. Does anyone know of good places online to get scrubs??? I've never been thrilled with Landau and that's pretty much my only local choice. I would especially like to find some white pants and tops that are thicker than a Kleenex...............
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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    If you do a google search for nursing scrubs or uniforms you should come up with many places to look at.

    One that I use is, www.amegamall.com

  4. by   casperbjs
  5. by   ERNurse752
    Here are a couple good ones:



  6. by   PRNnightnurse
    Try Ebay. They have brand new scrubs, used scrubs and custom made scrubs. And a lot of the time they are cheaper than the scrub stores.

  7. by   sevans
    I have had good luck with www.uniformsandscrubs.com - the prices are a lot lower than retail, and they have several brands, not just one.
  8. by   wsu.rn

    good variety
    prices the best ive seen
  9. by   whipping girl in 07

    I especially like their $14.99 scrub sets (although I have not worn the white so I don't know how thick they are) and the White Swan jackets that I can have my name embroidered on.
  10. by   np2b
    My school is requiring us to get our scrubs from Dove Professional:


    Now, I haven't actually seen the goods yet, but I'm hoping that they're being so strict about where we get the stuff from so that we might not run into the "kleenex" problem
  11. by   Nurse Nevada
    You can buy quality discount scrubs at:


    Click on the shop button, it will bring you to a page with different stores to buy scrubs from. Click on one of them and shop away!

    Please sign the nure-to-patient ratio petition while you're there.


    Dianne Moore, RN
  12. by   sbic56

    Love their scrubs...inexpensive...simple, solid colors...excellent quality and yes, much thicker than a Kleenex!
  13. by   P_RN
    Try Walmart. Seriously the Bobbie Brooks white pants with elastic waist band are NOT transparent. They cost about $10 so they're almost disposable. When we were limited to navy and white, I got ALL my pants there.
  14. by   kaylynn
    My favorite place is www.scrubsonline.com

    They don't sell scrubs, but have a listing of all the top online companies that do and it is very well indexed. I went there looking for Disney scrubs and it was quick and easy to find links to companies that sold them.