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I am RN with about 5 years experience in tele/med/sug, want to relocate to a big city area. But I don't know where are the jobs? Which city is hiring. Your suggestions are highly appreciated.... Read More

  1. by   RedhairedNurse
    Quote from niceone
    Thank you guys for the replies. Seattle too expensive to live. Plus, it is to cloudy. Dallas/Fort Worth sounds good, I applied four positions there online, have not heard a word yet. Are sure Dallas/Fort Worth are hiring? Thank you.
    I'm familiar w/the DFW area. I'm sure there are hospitals hiring in our area, esp the county hospitals. IMO, you need to call and follow up with a recruiter with the resume/application you submitted and let them become familiar with you and your plans on moving here. It's been my
    experience that you really have to stay on the phone with these
    people. Good luck.
  2. by   wizeone7
    I think Redhairded Nurse is correct. You have to get on the phone and stay one the phone. Call the hospital's switchboard and ask to be transferred to the manager's office for the unit you applied for. Even if you don't get to speak with the manager, you can leave a message that you have applied and are really interested in working on the unit. Be sure to leave the info for how she can get in contact with you! If you can move yourself w/o monetary help from the hospital, I would be sure to mention this. Money is tight now and if they think they will have to pay to move you, that might be what is holding you up.
  3. by   TuTonka
    Arizona, Virginia, Texas, and someone said the Dakotas are hiring. From heresay Ca., Florida, Oklahoma and Haiwaii are not. Good Luck.
  4. by   niceone
    Thank you. It is a good idea. I will call the hiring managers and leave the message