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I've got issues at work. I work in an Assisted Living facility, in a secure Alzheimers/Demetia unit. One particular resident refuses to bathe. He's not oriented to time, or place. He stinks, none of... Read More

  1. by   happthearts
    OK I had a mental health Pt in a rehab hospitial and we called the Odbudsman and they stated a Pt could refuse to bath up to 30 days then it becomes a health issue .On Day 30 .We said we needed to see him a minute in the bath-room .We had every thing prepared clothes soap wash cloths towels warm room.
    He could sit in the hydro tub and soak feel the water to make sure it was warm enough ,wash his hair and we would keep the room very warm. Ours had not changed his clothes for 30 days litteraly. That the Odbudsman had been nofited .This is not a choice anymore its a health issue. So why we had his dirty clothes off we took the dirty ones .It litterally took 30 mintues of soaking in the bath to get the crude off .Then of course he was willing to shave and shuch.
    The next few baths we just had everyhing ready to go and then said we need you to step inside this room for a minute Can you follow me.Then once in the bath-room We would tell him we have everything ready, we really need you to bath. Didn't give him time to think about it. So he wouldn't refuse.
    Just try to prep every thing ahead of time before he has time to think.

    Good luck Check your Odbusman regarding this in Assisted Living situations.
  2. by   steelcityrn
    These asst living homes are really getting out of hand. It used to be that a requirment for a patient to live in one of these is they had to be able to ambulate to the nearest door in case of a emergency....WHAT A JOKE!!! these folks need skilled care. But, when it comes to making promises and taking the ppl's money, they are nothing but crooks. I have been in some decent ones, but the bad ones just seem to be unforgetable
  3. by   Cheez-It!
    Currently, our guidlines for acceptance into our facility are that they must be able to "get around" by either w/c or ambulation or only x1 assist. Right now, most of our residents are high functioning Alzheimers/Demntia residents. Which is what assisted living was intended for. But, in order to please families, make money, etc etc, they just take whoever can walk, not thinking about the psych adjustments that may need adjusted/changed.

    I'm currently thinking of changing jobs. May have a job in a psych facility where I know these things do not happen. Job maybe harder, but anything to get out of that huge liability. Atleast until I finish school.

    It's really a shame. It's a great facility, and could be one of the best in the state as far as I'm concerned. But from where it's heading now ...