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I am 56 years old and have been a nurse for 34 years. My body is wearing out from all the wear and tear over the years of nursing. So my question what is there for us old nurses? How do we figure... Read More

  1. by   muffie
    bring all your old pills
    we'll throw them in a bowl and pretend it's halloween
  2. by   Bluehair
    Quote from muffie
    i have always joked about this at work as i am working the freedom 85 plan :

    i will open a nursing home for nurses:

    you must bring your own rocking chair
    you must be a DNR
    you must have a foley
    teapot will always be on [coffee pot also]

    we will rock and drink tea/coffee and talk about the glory days [remember when ..]

    anybody game ?

    spots available
    call 1-800-OLD-NURS
    Are you going to allow your residents to go on vacation and travel once in a while? If so, I'm in!
    Will start collecting colorful pills to share in the meanwhile....
  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Quote from muffie
    bring all your old pills
    we'll throw them in a bowl and pretend it's halloween
    Kewl! It'll be just like the '60s and '70s again!!!
  4. by   burn out
    Please no callights..We might have flash backs.
  5. by   muffie
    that's what the pill bowl is for !!!!!!
  6. by   muffie
    we'll pool all of our savings and get a "house-boy-med-student"

    rub my feet

    fill up my teacup

    get the paper

    pour my bath

    get me an orange pill


  7. by   RN4NICU
    Quote from muffie
    bring all your old pills
    we'll throw them in a bowl and pretend it's halloween
    I was in up until this part - I wouldn't want to take chance that everybody else would get all my ativan and I would get stuck with colace and viagra. Nah, I'd want to keep my own little pharmacy squirreled away to make sure I was able to get the good stuff.
  8. by   muffie
    there is always a rebel in every gang
  9. by   Lizzi honey
    well, the idea of a pill grab-bag is enticing, but you could be VERY fortunate like me and have a father-in-law who passed away in November, and left his son, my hubby, a WHOLE lot of money, so i quit my cath lab job at the end of the year!! woohoo!! (OK i am bragging, i'm sorry!) now i am fussing around deciding on working maybe in a flower shop, a library or a book store, or just going back and be a monitor tech watching the rhythms i know and love! (without having to run around and take crap from everyone and their mother, father, sister, dog, etc)..... i am SO blessed!.... oh, and i also started my own legal nurse consulting business before i quit, and have 2 cases, and i charge 125.00/hr. i might need some partners soon........anyone?
  10. by   PINKRN1
    Quote from Lacie
    Same here after numerous knee surgeries also. I went into case management but missed pt care to a degree. My experience had been primarily in open heart and critical care. I recently started working in outpatient dialysis. So far really am enjoying it but mostly because it is less taxing on my body to say the least and I have a great crew I'm working with. My preceptor is absolutely the best and isnt treating the "old" gal like a noob lol. I'm finding it much more pleasing to me then when I did case management as there I had absolutely no "on-hands" task to do and was too sedentary for me. If your looking to get out of on hands completely then case management particularly with worker's compensation/insurance industry would be good and they will love your experience.
    I am changing nursing careers- 48 yrs old, I am currently in UM management at an insurance company, going into dialysis, 10 hr days- I thout it was very taxing on your body 10 hrs on your feet? am I wrong? I too, miss providing hands on care- too sedentary for me as well.
  11. by   P_RN
    62 squinting at the computer screen d/t the effects of the meds I take for my joints. So far only 1 cataract, could be worse I guess. Going coo-coo by the minute missing all the real nursing stuff.
  12. by   FairyPrincess06
    Teaching many schools need nursing teachers to have nursing students. So if you need something as a 2nd career many schools could use teachers to keep the shortage of nurses down!
  13. by   citycat
    I'd like to know where to go also as I feel like retirement will not be an option as I am recently divorced at 52. I have just resigned from a management position where the 24/7 stress was just too much. I'm going back in the field as a visit nurse but I wonder how long I'll hold up. Actually, I'm leaving for Italy tomorrow for vacation so I'll mull it over while drinking good Italian wine!