Where are you going on vacation this year???

  1. *****YEAHHHHHHH I'M ON VACATION!!!!*****
    It hasn't rained in over a month and tonight we're getting some!!! Figures......... Just wondering where's everyone going this year. I've got extensive gardening to catch up on and the husband and I didn't want to take the kids out of school. So, it's stay at home for this one. But the next one... we want to go to a Caribbean Island perhaps. How 'bout yourselves???
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  3. by   mandyRN2B
    I chartered a beneteau 40 cc from Tradewindyachts.com and loved it. It is very inexpensive for such great customer service. I spent a week in the British Virgin Islands only spending 2000 for the whole family not including airfare. Which they happen to be wholesalers for American Airlines. I spoke with a lady named...hmmm...oh Linda. You can call to check it out the number is 800-825-7245. Check this one out!
  4. by   EndoRN
    My husband and I will taking a week off for our honeymoon (we got married last September). We'll be staying up North on Mackinaw Island! Can't wait!
  5. by   st4304
    Last week of June I am heading out with the family to Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee, where a big, ol' houseboat awaits me. I plan on bringing no make-up, no phones, no TV/VCR -- just good music, my bathing suit, sun screen (remember in the old days it was baby oil and iodine? God, I must have been frying myself like bacon!!! ), my lawn chair, and several bottles of white zinfindel. Just one month and one week away! Will I make it? Pray for me!
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Memorial weekend will find us in the PA Poconos at Promise Land Lake. Sons plan on fishin' in Gramps secret spot, checking out tree we carved initials in two years ago to see how much tree grew!
    Burgers and steaks on grill (Pocono's food son Joey calls it) swimming in the lake if not too cold! Quiet time after this years activities.