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since october 2004 my cbc labs have been dropping significantly. my labs are as follows: type date results reference range hemaglobin 10/04 ... Read More

  1. by   rjflyn
    All I can say is a tough case. It actually could be more than one problem ie blood loss someplace and lack of producion of redcells. WIth the history of clots you sound like you definately need the anticoagulation. But it looks as if that is slowly doing you harm as well. One thing you might mention to your doctor would be could you benefit for a different anticoagulant/DVT provention ie Lovenox.

    Also I wonder what kind of hospital system you are getting your care in. Are you at a major university health system or a small system that has for example only one hematologist, one ....insert specialist here. You might benefit from the care at/in a larger health care system that has several doctors in multiple specialties. Case in point worked in a hospital/system that only had one urologist. It was a rare instance that any of his patients got sent out of town for further eval/care.


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    Thanks for all the wonderful information. I am definetly not using this site to be diagnosed I just thought I would get some input on other medical professionals. Hundreds of heads together is better than one!

    To answer some questions:
    No I do not take any NSAIDs cause I take coumadin however I have had two times were my INR was above 10! At those times I was quickly given vit K. I do already take carafate so that route has been tried.

    I do have a hematologist who I saw when I got all the PE's and DVT's to be tested for hypercouagability so I can still see him about this is the endo and colonoscopy is negative.

    Yes I do eat meat, I am no vegatarian by far.

    Yes, I know about braintalk.org but last I heard it was only a read only website. I'll have to look at it again.

    Again thanks for all the info. I just cannot wait to start my bowel prep on monday! Joy. Take care.

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  2. by   curleysue

    Thanks for the reply. Yes its a tough case. Since I was 18 I have been so sick with meningitis twice, DVT's 4 times, PE's bilateral 2 times, oxygen therapy for 2 years, 8 surgeries, polycystic ovaries, multiple pnemonia and pnemothorax's. Its just SICK! WHEN WILL IT STOP.

    Now I am in the hospital (small rural hospital) monday, wednesday and friday for IV magnesium cause I am so low. We don't know why. I have been to every specialists in a major university hospital for that and the kidney doc just says, "yes its your kidneys but I don't know what to do". WHAT?! THey don't know what to do. I cannot be hooked up to an IV pole three times a week for the rest of my life! I am only 25. So life is really rough for me.

    And now with my CBC being so off wack. My internist says, I think you are definetly bleeding somewhere. Like that isn't scary enough. Yes I have been on lovenox multiple times. So, I don't know if that would be what they want to do or not.

    I think its time to save money and go to MAYO clinic to get some awnsers.

    I know my doctor said my red blood cells are really tiny and abnormal shapes and sizes. Whatever that means I don't know. So, I will definetly go back to my hematologist if we don't find what is going on.

    Thanks for listening. Curleysue
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    Quote from curleysue
    [font=fixedsys]since october 2004 my cbc labs have been dropping significantly.
    [font=fixedsys]my labs are as follows:
    [font=fixedsys]type date results reference range
    [font=book antiqua]hemaglobin 10/04 11.3 12.4-15.7
    [font=book antiqua] 12/04 10.5
    [font=book antiqua] 02/05 9.8
    [font=book antiqua] 03/05 9.5
    [font=book antiqua]
    [font=book antiqua]hemacrit 10/04 35 37.7-47
    [font=book antiqua] 12/04 32
    [font=book antiqua] 02/05 29.4
    [font=book antiqua] 03/05 31
    [font=book antiqua]
    [font=book antiqua]mcv 10/04 74.6 82-97
    [font=book antiqua] 11/04 72.7
    [font=book antiqua] 12/04 69
    [font=book antiqua] 02/05 65.4
    [font=book antiqua] 03/05 64.7
    [font=book antiqua]
    [font=fixedsys]my internist was very concerned about these values especially since i am on coumadin therapy. i have no periods cause of polycystic disease so i am not bleeding from there. so we are totally puzzled why my lab values are dropping! its scary, i could be bleeding internally and not know it. the one diagnosis we got out of this was severe chronic anemia which makes me so so exhausted!
    [font=fixedsys]so next wednesday i am going into the or and having an upper endoscopy and lower colonoscopy to find out if i am bleeding in my intestines. my bowel movement look normal to me, no blood or coffee colored stools that i know of. but what else could it be?
    [font=fixedsys]any ideas? let me know. if my values keep dropping i will need a blood transfusion. oh and i am taking iron pills and have been for 3-4 months.
    [font=fixedsys]thanks for listening, curleysue :uhoh21:
    i agree with suzanne 100%
  4. by   ZASHAGALKA
    INR of 10?!?!

    I would think a lower H/H would be an expected finding.

    I assume your goal is 2.

  5. by   Nurse Ratched
    Date check: post 6 months old . Hopefully OP not still bleeding.
  6. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Ah. somebody is researching INR and bringing up INR threads into the last 24 hr posts. I noticed the date lag on another INR post but I failed to notice it on this one.

  7. by   DG5
    Yes, it would be nice to hear from the OP now so that we know she is okay.
  8. by   amber74
    I am going through this as we speak.My hemoglobin is 7.1 and hemotocrit is 24.4.
    The MA at my PCPs office told me to start taking oral iron!I said,what untill I get lower or drop dead?Im a postop gastric bypass 4 years out.Im not absorbing iron orally.I started IV therapy today with iron.Im seeing a hemotologist Thursday.Also,vitamin C help iron absorb.Milk does opposite.

    good luck!