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What do you do when you are so busy during your shift that you forget to do an order, follow up on something, or overlook an order? The next nurse is pissed that you did not do it...... Read More

  1. by   mappers
    Quote from lvnnars1
    has anyone ever had a doctor come in the facility and made an order change while you were doing med pass and you didnt even notice the doctor come in so you had no idea there were any new orders/changes in the chart?
    I've pulled meds, gone to give them to the patient, come back to chart the med and had everything be different. A doctor had come in, changed the dose or the med, while I was in the patient's room and pharmacy was actually efficient in getting the order processed. I just documented against the dc's med, which I gave and changed the next due time on the new med. If I need to increase the dose from what I'd just given, I talked to pharmacy about that.

    Can anyone tell me why sometimes a doctor will write an order at 8:00 or 9:00 am for a morning med and pharmacy will put it on the MAR for the next day one time, then the next time a doctor will write an order for an AM med at 4:00 pm and pharmacy will put it on for 9:00 the same day. Sorry pharmacy, I can't go back in time.
  2. by   NeoNurseTX
    If it was important that it had to be done at a certain time, I notify the MD. If I realize I miss it at shift report and it's something the other shift CAN do, I offer to do it before I leave and it's up to them. I don't mind staying and finishing what I should have done anyway if it's something that can't wait.