When you DONT get the job...

  1. Just curious...I interviewed for a job 2 1/2 weeks ago. The nurse recruiter said she would let me know by the end of the next week, which was a week and a half ago. I have yet to hear anything so of course I assume I didnt get the job...So my questions is, for any of you who interviewed and didnt get a job, did they let you know??? I am a little offended at not even getting an email letting me know..I think that's unprofessional.
    Should I email the nurse recruiter and ask her? What should I say?

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  3. by   mandykal
    Go ahead and email given that it's overdue..... Just tell her that your following up on the interview....and I would make a phone call rather than email.
  4. by   weetziebat
    When I was looking for a job this drove me crazy. You can never tell if they mean what they say or not. Finally at the end of interviews, I'd just say "I'd appreciate you letting me know, one way or the other." That usually worked better.

    I once took another job because I hadn't heard from the recruiter, and a week later she called and seemed highly insulted that I'd done that. She said "I told you I'd call." Well, how long is one supposed to wait??

    Another time I went for an interview, and just after I sat down with the DON, she got called away for an emergency. Said she'd be in touch with me. Never heard a word from her. Two YEARS later I received a call asking me if I was still interested in a job with them!

    If you are really interested in this job I don't see any harm in calling them, saying you hadn't heard and was wondering if they'd filled the position or not. At least then you know.

    Good luck!
  5. by   Agnus
    She gave you a specific time frame in which she stated that she would get back to you. She did not. So call her. Any number of things could have happened to make her not get back to you when she said she would.

    1. She wants you but lost your contact infomation. OR your forgot to put it on your resume, or it was incomplete, or incorect. (this has happened)

    2. She is out with an illness or injury. (not an original concept)

    3. She forgot (happens)

    4. Something happened and they are not going to hire for this position at this time afer all. (agin happens even after interviewing people)

    5. She is no longer woking there herself (happens a lot)

    Call her state you are concerned as you interview 2 1/2 weeks ago and now want to know your status.

    Some place do not notify you. But when they clearly say they will then you have a right to expect it. When they don't notify you within the time they state or within a reasonable time (2 1/2 wk is reasonable) you should call if you have any remaining interest in the position.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Hiring managers usually don't notify me if they have hired someone other than me. In fact, I have been notified only twice in six years that the position has been filled. Once I was called and told, "The position has been filled by someone else." Another time I received an email stating that someone else was hired.

    I would send the nurse recruiter a 'Thank You' card. The card should thank her for granting you an interview. It should include your name and number in case she has discarded your contact information and should state, "You granted me an interview three weeks ago and I appreciated your time. Please call me with news on whether or not you have selected an applicant."
  7. by   anne74
    Absolutely email or call the nurse recruiter. You need to be proactive - that proves to them that you're enthusiastic about the job.

    It's very common for employers to take their sweet time to get back to you - especially in the healthcare setting. It's happened to me several times that employers didn't get back to me when they said they would, but they still offered me the position. Things can happen, people get busy, the manager goes on vacation, someone is out sick, etc. Yes - it's unprofessional and nerve-wracking, but don't get offended by it.

    Just say to the recruiter something like, "I was very impressed with this unit and I wanted to follow up to see if any decisions have been made regarding this position." You don't have to be accusatory or demanding - you just want to know if you got the job or not. That's fair. Good luck!
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  8. by   shortstuff31117
    Thanks everyone. I dont want to hold out any hope for this job..it's my one interview out of about 20 applications...so I'm a little desperate LOL.
    I will call her tomorrow.