When the Board of Nursing is out to get you.... - page 5

I'm not posting this asking for advice (although any you give me would be most welcome) I'm posting this to VENT my anger! The other day I was called into a meeting with my supervisor and Chief... Read More

  1. by   Town & Country
    If you have witnesses and other proof of your innocence, I would get a lawyer and sue NOW. The best defense is a good offense.
    If you can prove that you are innocent and are being unjustly targeted then I think you should sue for whatever you can, because you are apparently being hung out to dry.
    I would definitely go on the offense.

    I normally don't encourage people to get lawyers and start lawsuits because most of the time it's very dicey and not worth it - but if they reported you to the BON and you are facing suspension, etc., it's time to take the gloves OFF. Good luck.