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When should sex ed. begin? Since there is a continuous rise in teenage pregnancy, perhaps more could be done to educate our children on pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Should they be... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    I will definately look into that book, Renee. As usual, your post is inspirational and so helpful to me. I look to you (and some others here) as a sort of "online mom"......thanks for your thoughtful and non-judgemental contributions to this board.
    Awwwww...I consider it an honor....humbly so....to be yours or anyone else's "online mom". :blushkiss
  2. by   bagladyrn
    I also agree that teaching kids "the facts" has to be an ongoing thing. Started with my son as a toddler (babysitter was pregnant), continued as questions were asked. I think it's much easier to address the topics when kids are younger and it's of academic interest and not yet an emotionally charged topic.
    With my son, foster sons and all the other teens who came to my house, I was open to any question, also made sure appropriate books ( I recommend "Changing Bodies, Changing Selves" by the same group who published "Our Bodies,Ourselves")were available, so that anyone self concious about asking a question could look it up.
    I also addressed the emotional/ethical issues of sexuality, emphasizing that this was my view and they needed to develop their own code of ethics. I also explained ALL the consequences of sexual behavior - including the males responsibility in case of a pregnancy - and that the legal system wouldn't have to find them - Mom would!
    I think some of this must have worked, as I got 5 boys through high school and beyond without any pregnancy scares (and yes, the girls did talk to me also) Now that they're all in their 20's, if I could just get one of them to start thinking about giving me grandkids... they all laugh at me and say "But Mom, for years you told us not do do that...." Smart alecks!