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Last week, on my last night to work before 5 in a row off, I had the night from hell. I had one patient who was actively dying (DNR, on vent, family was almost ready to let him go) and another... Read More

  1. by   TRAMA1RN
    My "shift" is the dreaded night shift I am the only nurse in our ER LPN or otherwise. I always am in before 10:45 and I always start after getting report still well before 11:00 pm it doesn't matter if I have a full ER I am left alone, by the way I follow 3 nurses 2 RN's and an LPN and they usually call another nurse down from the floor. I NEVER get out of the ER before 7:10 because no one else comes in early for me. I stay late I come in early and I go in 95% of the time when asked. I love nursing and can forgive others for their lack of commitment but eventually I have confidence that things will change, because change begins with me.
  2. by   whipping girl in 07
    Thanks everyone for your responses. I was really upset after the night I'd had and I knew that 90% of the day nurses I work with (I work nights) would have jumped in and helped without bytching or being snide. I just wanted to see how other people felt about when they should start working. It's hard for me to feel sorry for the nurse relieving me when she has to hit the ground running when she's been hanging out waiting for me to get back for over 30 minutes. Sounds like everyone here is hard working and if an ALLNURSES hospital is ever created, it will be the best place ever to work.