when can I call again?

  1. Hello All~
    I interviewed for a position several weeks ago. Last Monday I called to ask about the position again. The manager wasn't available so I just left a message. I have not heard anything as of a week later, but the position is still available online and they have since posted a new position.

    At what point can I call again? Since she hasn't returned my phone call I am thinking I did not get the position, however I would like to hear that from someone's mouth.

    Any ideas....I'm going crazy!

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  3. by   nurse_clown
    [font="comic sans ms"]just for interest sake, i'd give them a call. maybe there's something you missed in the interview. my own personal feeling is they aren't interested but perhaps you can tweeck their interest again. maybe they've even misplaced your resume. when you call them again, ask if there was something you've missed. stress that you are willing to learn and you are very interested in the position. it's very hard to get your "foot in the door". i've been there myself. i have two part time jobs, both of which i really enjoy. but every now and then, i apply for something new and go to an interview for the experience. someday, there will be a job that i'm really interested in but for now, i'm happy where i am. but, in my experience an employer is really interested in an employee that is willing to learn. they want their staff to believe in the same thing and support their cause. so, ask them "what do you need in your staff?" then say "i can do it!" but that's if you believe in their cause.

    i'd ask them if you've missed something in the interview. you want to know. if not to get the job, it's to learn where you've gone wrong. and the next interview will be more successful.
  4. by   ICRN2008
    I think that once a week is reasonable in most circumstances unless they give you an indication that they want you to call sooner or later than that.

    I am also waiting to hear about a job that I interviewed for a little more than 2 weeks ago. Waiting can be agonizing!

    Good luck!
  5. by   santhony44
    Call again. They might still be interested. Sometimes in organizations it can take an incredibly long time for a decision to be made.

    Even if they've decided not to hire you, they may look at you again if you continue to show interest.

    If you do get to talk with someone and they are definitely not going to hire you, then it doesn't hurt to ask why. Just be sure you come across as being willing to learn and improve.

    If you don't get a particular job, it's not always something you did or didn't do. It may be that someone else with more experience in that particular area applied also and they will be able to work independently much more quickly than you.

    Unfortunately it's not uncommon to never hear a word back, not even a "Thanks but no thanks." Applicants are expected to send Thank-You letters but employers very often don't extend the same courtesy.

    You don't want to be a pest, but I think if you haven't heard back in a week after an interview, it's OK to call and then call every week thereafter until you hear something.
  6. by   GingerSue
    I've seen resumes go astray when left at the fax machine in an office

    I've had employer phone me 6 months later when they eventually did need staff

    Do they know that you are available now?
    Do you have the name of the particular person who decides - give that person a call, not a secretary/receptionist - they'll just brush you off.

    good luck
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Try calling HR as well. Just because the mgr is unavailable, does not mean all activity on the unit stops....... if he/she is out of town or on vacation, there HAS to be SOMEone acting in his or her stead.

    Be persistent. Call or visit HR and find out what the deal is.