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So today, I am cruising along, working the peds track and my manager- out of the blue- comes along and asks if she can tell me something. So, I prepare for the worst (mentally checking my list of... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Originally posted by susanmary
    Be gracious and accept the compliment at face value. Regardless of your future education plans and that you will eventually leave, your manager was showing support and that she recognized your positive contribution to your peds unit. Don't read into it.

    What she did was an important thing to do. Management should do this on a regular basis to all employees -- focus on the positive and let the employee know he/she is valued.


    I totally agree with you on this Sue! Also, perhaps management is being strongly encouraged to speak out more to their staff and let them know how valuable an asset they are to each unit. This is a very good thing whether the manager truly means what he/she says or not. Just say thank you, and continue doing the wonderful job you would do even if you no one else voices their appreciation to you of the good job you do.
  2. by   tapper
    This from a future nurse . . . yes, smile and be happy that management recognizes your efforts and the value you add to the floor. But in my previous career, I cherished the praise I received more from my customers than I ever did from management, unless it was followed by a raise ;-) . And I am sure that if your manager was able to see how special you are, then you have been thanked by many patients, they are the ones who really matter.
  3. by   MPHkatie
    Ok, I see that I was getting abit over-paranoid. I do work for an excellent manager. Unfortunately, I need to move out of state to finish up my degree work, or I'd love to stay (and sock some cash into that 403B) Usually wherever I go ends up being just pretty cool. (got any recommendations for Atlanta?)