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Ours last year was a Walmart card for $50. Probably the same this year.... Read More

  1. by   TrudyRN
    Quote from TeleRNer
    Last year we received a watch with the hospital's logo on it and this year we received a denim jacket with the hospital's logo once again...huh!? Kinda reminds me of the things given to Marlboro Cowboy wannabees...
    "Get the jacket, get the watch...now you're a real RN" --without the hack!

    I gave my jacket away to another RN and still to this day wear the watch...Sadly the jacket is sized to fit men which makes the women look fat ant butch...all right! Good job HR!!!

    Two years before I received 25 dollar gift certificate from target, pretty nice I thought....and the year before this I think it was Sears...also pretty nice..

    I have noticed that the little perks..chocolates from the Docs are no longer as generous or as common as once they were
    And the last thing that most of us need is chocolate, cookies, etc. But it's nice to be thought of, at least. :spin:
  2. by   fearful
    Never had a monetary bonus in my 32 years of nursing, any gift was from the department head (ex. DVD/video gift card). There is usually a dept. wide party outside the hospital.
  3. by   SillyLilly
    Quote from jenrninmi
    I guess we get a bonus check at the hospital I work at, but I've only been there ~6 weeks. I didn't get anything. I have Christmas off though and am thrilled about that. I work no holidays while on orientation! So, I didn't work Thanksgiving, or the day before or after, Christmas or Christmas Eve, New Years Eve or New Years. I'm happy with that! :spin:
    Im still on orientation, but I was scheduled to work Christmas. My preceptor traded days so now I work Christmas eve. I also work New Years eve. I dont mind it, but no one really gave me a straight answer about if I have to work or not on holidays.

    And, no bonus that I know of, although I have heard Drs. to be giving. We get lunches and breakfast from them. Also, one is inviting everyone he works with (unit secretaries, cnas,nures from many floors, administrators, etc) to a restaurant down town (chicago)-with open bar. Pretty sweet.
  4. by   MIA-RN1
    my hospital is having the free staff holiday dinner in the cafeteria--but its today, and not Christmas. So when I am spending my Christmas working a shift I am not supposed to work and missing my family, I will not be eating a special dinner either.
  5. by   LaxNP
    For x-mas we got our paid leave cut by 75%. So in six months I can take the day off and spend timw with my family without losing anything in my pay check.
  6. by   pedseducator
    Christmas or otherwise bonuses have not been given in the 15 years of working at my present hospital. I am sure administration isn't in the same boat
  7. by   heamoRN
    no bonus ever, had to pay $60 for the Christmas party, and got roastered on for night shift christmas day and boxing day. but at lest i get to wear normal non uniform cloths to work. for xmas night.
  8. by   chadash
    bonus? bonus? What bonus?
  9. by   chadash
    We never get time off for boxing day either! Of course, we dont even know what that is here in the states.
  10. by   ursulanursula
    hahaha lmao:chuckle
  11. by   heamoRN
    boxing day is the day after christmas and a pubic holiday as well
  12. by   lauralassie
    the opportunity to work either 5 /12's in a row or every other night 12 hrs. last year we got a lunch bag. but don't expect much this year...;you know , cut backs and all. after all, the upper crust need to think about their bonus. not sure what the lunch bag is for.....never get lunch...but don't get paid for it or we catch heck for not being organized enough to go to luch. figure if i've worked er , critical care for 30 years, not organized yet, i never will be. maybe if the manager that's been there since september, that we've never met yet could offer me some hints on time management, i could use the lunch bag. oh, but wait she can't get organized enough to meet her friggen staff !!!!!! but no i'm not bitter at all.i think i'll go look for the lunch bag and give it to her for her xmas gift. ok....i'm letting it go !!!! (well maybe after a little therapy! thanks for listening!)
  13. by   twotrees2
    Quote from Meerkat
    Ours last year was a Walmart card for $50. Probably the same this year.
    a sixty min phone card - yippee lol - with so many folks with cell phones they really are getting obsolete but it has given me a gift to regift to one of the few i know ( elderly person) so they can call long distance.