What's your favorite Allnurses thread?

  1. In the past 4 years that I have been a member of Allnurses I have read and participated in hundreds of threads. Some of them were serious, some were silly, some were just time killers. I would have to say, though, my all time favorite out of them ALL would be the Most Ridiculous Thing...ER thread. What's yours?
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  3. by   pagandeva2000
    There are too many to even start listing...I'm trying to think really, really hard. I guess I can only suffice it to say that I just love being here...LOL!
  4. by   jadu1106
    i am just gonna come out and admit it, i am addicted to allnurses.com.....i am on here all the time from home and work. :d

    right now i am preparing for the nclex, therefore my favorite forum in the nclex discussion, with my favorite thread being the "random facts" thread.
  5. by   djc1981
    I'm always partial to the "I was slapped by a......patient, doctor, nurse, alligator.." threads
  6. by   Nurse_Diane
    LEAST favorite is the 'ADN vs BSN' threads.

    Otherwise, I pretty much like 'em all
  7. by   shelly304
    I have so many faves, but the most thought provoking, informative thread for me is Shabbos/Religious Observances. I read the entire thread one evening, didn't skip one post in it! For those of you who took part in this thread...A Big Thank You!
    When I can't find any new threads that interest me, I love to look in the archives. I always strike gold!
  8. by   clairebearrn
    Oh there's so many...probably the ER ones and the nurse ghist story ones!
  9. by   Booty Nurse
    There a few threads in the OB-GYN nursing forum about wacky baby names. I could read those all day! Some of the things parents come up with are un-frickin'-believable!
  10. by   MeJane19
    I like the nursing ethical decisions and nursing current events.