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  1. by   Been there,done that
    Been a few. Think the best one was .. I was working midnight shift. I started my assessments with the new admit ( forgot the DX). She was a-okay! Went across the hall to settle in the next patient for the night.. that took ten minutes. I made it a habit to glance into any room I passed.

    Lo and behold .. new patient was gray... that also was my LAST code.
    P.S.. she made it!
  2. by   Nurseways
    I was working on a high-risk antepartum unit. The attending physician and the perinatologist agreed to discharge a patient when they made the morning rounds. This lady was there for "abdominal pain" at 36 weeks gestation and had been a patient for about a week. She had practically every test available, but they could not find a definitive source of her pain. The attending felt that she was a drug-seeker, and made arrangements for her to be seen at a pain-management physician once discharged.
    The patient and her mother were very concerned about the discharge. The patient was crying, "I don't understand why they are sending me home."

    Her mother said, "I know her, she is not a complainer, if she says she's hurting something must be going on!"

    On the physician orders, she was to get a Biophysical Profile every other day. Normally, unless the physician requested it, we did not do them on the day of discharge. But the order was still available.

    She got the Biophysical Profile, and she had no amniotic fluid present in her uterus. I left a message with the attending's office nurse (he was in surgery) then called the perinatologist and told him the results. He ordered to prep her for a Cearean, and said that he would notify the attending.

    When the perinatologist came down to discuss the plan of care, he stopped at the desk and said,"What the f*** did you do to her?", but he was smiling. He told me that if the patient would have been discharged there was a high probability that the baby would not have survived due to sepsis.