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Evenin' all, What's the reason for getting one year of experience before going on to anything else? I'm working on getting my one year and will stick it out - I'd LOVE to move now, but I've heard so... Read More

  1. by   stillpressingon
    I'm committed to staying through my one year if only for it to look better on a resume! The good thing is I don't dread going to work each shift. The bad thing is that the best "good" thing is that I don't actually dread it! I'm working on my resume with a friend (who ironically is one of my co-workers - it seems like everybody's trying to get out of there). Also working with said person on good job-hunting ideas: websites, recruiters, that kinda thing so that when my one year does come along I'll be as prepared to leave as possible. I've set a kiss-this-job-goodbye date and it's a bit past my one year mark but more because of logistics. I'm moving a handfull of months after my one year anny so I'll wait till then to depart my no-so-dearly-beloved place of employment!
  2. by   caroladybelle
    Another thing to think about.

    In most positions even with experience, you will be be out of sorts for the first few monthes. It takes that long to learn nuances of the facility/floor/unit/personnel.

    On most traveler assignments, even as an experienced nurse, the first few weeks (or on 'challenging' ones - month or two) I will feel like a fish out of water. But once that passes, and I know the rhythm of the place, it is much easier and I may like what a previously disliked.

    (Occasionally there is the rare - I hate this, even after a few weeks and will not re-sign - assignment, but even those, one finds friends and things that one will miss when one leaves. And one will have ALWAYS learned something)

    It is easy to dislike a new position, due to it being new and different. Sometimes you have to give it a reasonable chance, barring it being dangerous to your license or an absolute hell on earth.
  3. by   Tweety
    It's probably just good old Marketing 101. Just as $9.99 sounds much lower thant $10.00. One years sounds longer than 11 months and will look better on your resume.

    Who knows. Good luck in your next endeavor.