What's 'Jayco'?

  1. This week, the Joint Commission was at the hospital where I'm doing clinicals. The nurses kept referring to them as "Jay-co", and I assumed they were mispronoucing the acronym. But when I go to JCAHO's website, I see a "Jayco" login button. So is "Jayco" an insider thing, or does the Joint Commission refer to itself as that? I'm simply curious. I bet someone can enlighten me ...
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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    No clue..will have to look it up or google it.

    In non medical area...its a name of a RV....travel trailer.
  4. by   TazziRN
    JCAHO....it is an acronym, not pronounced exactly as the letters are listed, but we say "Jay-Co".
  5. by   RN007
    Quote from TazziRN
    JCAHO....it is an acronym, not pronounced exactly as the letters are listed, but we say "Jay-Co".
    Apparently, the Joint Commission's picked it up, too, sort of like Federal Express going to FedEx because that's what everyone started calling it ...
  6. by   TazziRN
    Actually, if it's said slowly it would work: "Jay-Ca-Ho"
  7. by   RN007
    I'd love to know what's behind that 'Click here to access "Jayco"' button on their website ...
  8. by   TazziRN
    Try it and see!

    Then let the rest of us know!
  9. by   RN007
    Quote from TazziRN
    Try it and see!

    Then let the rest of us know!
    Oh, I already have! It's protected; you need a username and password.

    Only the Phantom ... I mean Jayco ... knows ...
  10. by   TazziRN
    Aw, shucks......
  11. by   Melina
    From the website:
    Frequently Asked Questions about "Jayco"

    What is "Jayco" Online?"
    "Jayco" Online is a secure extranet website to the Joint Commission.

    How do I access Jayco?
    "Jayco" is only accessible to those with a valid log-in ID and password. If you are an accredited health care organization, or an organization seeking Joint Commission accreditation, you should contact your account representative for access assistance. If you do not know who your representative is, call 630-792-3007. The first time you login to "Jayco," you will be required to change your password and to submit an e-mail address of the person responsible for access and use of the account.

    All other requests for access to "Jayco" should contact the webmaster@jcaho.org.

    By using "Jayco," and providing and accessing information online on "Jayco," you are agreeing to be bound by the Joint Commission's online Terms of Use, which include our legal disclaimers and a link to our copyright policy. The Joint Commission's online Terms of Use will be available to you upon accessing "Jayco."

    How secure is "Jayco"?
    At the Joint Commission, we understand that security is important to you and we've taken steps to ensure your information is protected. We will continue to take reasonable and appropriate measures to secure "Jayco" and all information stored within "Jayco." That's why we require all users to have a valid log-in ID and password to gain access to "Jayco."

    We have taken careful measures to prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of your information. Once received, your information is stored behind a firewall. Other than Joint Commission employees, only users to whom you have assigned a log-in ID and password will have access to your information. All Joint Commission employees are aware of our privacy and security policies. Your information is only accessible to those employees who need access to perform their work.

    My organization is not currently accredited by the Joint Commission, can I access "Jayco?"
    No. Access is restricted to accredited organizations or to those seeking accreditation for the first time. For more information about Joint Commission accreditation, please call 630-792-3007.

    If you have more questions about "Jayco," please e-mail the webmaster@jcaho.org.