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I'm enrolled in school now, and taking my prereqs to become a nurse. I'm just starting out and really intrigued with the whole nursing field. If anyone knows of a really good book to read about... Read More

  1. by   MollyMo
    I read 2 books a long time ago by a nurse named Joan Brady(I think that's right). The books were called "Fluff my Pillow, Bend my Straw" and "Band-aids, Bullets, and Booze". She's telling about her first few years in nursing. Very good reading. Some funny stuff. Some scary stuff about the realities of nursing. She was working in an inner city hospital.
  2. by   Edward,IL
    Welcome to nursing! Yes, it is a fascinating and interesting field of study. Nursing is a learned discipline and something to be studied seriously. Romanticism in the popular literature that has been suggested by others documents and fuels the fires of stupidity. Harlequin romance novels are appriate for 14 year old schoolgirls (Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames). At the university level, and especially once enrolled in a formal nursing education program, you should be reading legitimate stuff:

    Notes on Nursing, by Florence Nightengale

    Hospitals, Paternalism and the Role of the Nurse, by Joanne Ashley

    Any of the readers (anthologies) edited by Norma Chaska
    She has published one every 5-10 years since the 1970's
    and each gives an excellent overview of what is going on in the profession during each decade. Read sections from each one, even if you can't get through the whole thing to get an idea of the trends of change in education, policy, nursing research, nursing theory development, expanding practice.

    Every nursing student today should have copies of the following
    at home on their shelf and use them each time they research patient information and write care plans:

    Nursing Diagnosis: 2002-2003 Current taxonomy *

    Nursing Interventions Classification, Bulecheck and McCloskey *

    Nursing Outcomes Classifications, Meridean Maas *

    Nursing Diagnosis Handbook, Marjory Gordon (Actually, you * should read anything and everything written by Gordan)

    Nursing Diagnosis Links, Martha Craft-Rosenberg *

    * These should be available at your university bookstore, or ordered from C.V.Mosby (the Ashley book is currently out of print but used copies are available from internet retailers.
    Your time in nursing school is valuable. What you read shapes your thinking as you move through your clinical rotations. Choose
    and critique the literature wisely.
    Good Luck, Edward
  3. by   srose
    "I Knew a Woman" by Cortney Davis and
    "Life Support" by Suzanne Gordon

    I've read them both twice, and think that I will keep going back to them while I'm in school and even after I graduate...both are wonderfully insightful and inspiring, as well as painting the realistic and grim sides of nursing. I think they should be required reading for nursing students!
  4. by   NurseDennie
    Yes yes, Echo Herron

    I can't remember who wrote it, but "Bend my straw, fluff my pillow" is a very good, informative and entertaining book. This is another nurse documenting how she developed and changed during her nursing career. Heeee heeeee


  5. by   On-z-go-nurse
    "Romantism in the popular literature that has been suggested documents and fuels the fires of stupidity"

    Edward.IL did you just insults ALL the suggestions we just made? Or am I just to stupid to even ask?

    The books you suggested are nursing school books that will have to be read and referenced to in typical patient care. They do not actually "capture" nursing. Nursing is more than just tasks. It is so much more...
  6. by   b-lansing
    I would also recommend, "Majoring In Nursing" by Janet R. Katz and "Stressed Out About Nursing School!" by Stephanie Thibeault. Both of these books are excellent!
  7. by   NurseDennie
    Molly Mo - I wrote my reply here at the bottom of the first page - ooops - missed your post about "bend my straw, fluff my pillow" I didn't even know there was another one! I'm going to look for it! Thanks for letting me know.

    And EdwardIL - Welcome to the board, but don't be dissing Cherry Ames. If they started publishing those books again, I'll bet people would be flocking to nursing school! =)


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  8. by   Mkue
    I'm bookmarking this thread, alot of great suggestions. !
  9. by   nursebucky
    Just Wondering....You can find Echo Herron's books on Amazon starting at .30 cents. I bought every last one I could get my hands on. (I am a SN and can't afford the luxury of a newly crisp book to read).

    Her books are awesome and I cried with her when she graduated at the top of her class. I rarely ever show emotion, but that got to me.
  10. by   Dayray

    Lol bet your the life of the party =P
  11. by   ams02
    we all buy the same book, (well whoever wants to of course) and we can talk about it on here! i think thats sounds like a fun idea! i posted here months and months ago about this very subject and im just now going to go buy a few....how bout "fluff my pillow, bend my straw" that sounds like a good one..anyway, anyone who's interested let me know! hope to hear from someone, if not, ill let you know how i liked the book.....amie
  12. by   dreamon
    I love "Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife" by Peggy Vincent. Just incredible....its compelling, reading all those different women and the different ways they give birth and how Peggy's life is changed.
    It made me want to become a midwife...lol

    73 reviews on amazon.com- ALL gave it 5 stars!! I checked it out of the library, but after reading it I put it on my wishlist to be bought at a later date. I know so many of those stories I will never forget.

    A book for nursing students: "How to survive and Maybe even love nursing school" by Kelli S. Dunham

    It had great advice about school and life, study tips, websites, and it is very humorous. It is also raved about on amazon.com

    I have bought other nursing books that I plan to sell on ebay...but that one I am keeping!!
  13. by   caroladybelle
    "25 Things That Nurses Do to Self - Destruct" was good, also.