What would you do????

  1. I've been working in a small town ER (not in the same town that I live) for about 10 months. Recently, a nurse cornered me outside on break and said:
    I've got some info for you, you can take it, twist it, whatever you want to do with it. Two of the ER providers have been complaining about you, they say you don't do anything except stand there. You don't try to anticipate their needs as far as supplies, etc. If you don't straighten up, the chief of staff will talk to the DON and then you will be F*****.
    I never knew their was a problem, and no one has ever mentioned anything to me. My friend who also works there thinks I should confront the providers and ask if there is a problem, etc. The problem is the chief is a best friend to this nurse that said these things, so she's bound to be on the offensive even if she didn't say this just to cover for the nurse.
    I have been thinking about applying to a nursing home in the town where I live, they just raised their nursing wages to almost 3 dollars above what I make now. My thinking is if I'm going to put up with crap why do it for less money and having to drive 50 miles each way to get it. She says even if I leave I should still say something.
    What would you do?
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  3. by   michelle999
    Apply for the otherjob, get the job and then speak to them about it. Ask around, does anyone else have a problem with your work. And ask yourself " if they think you are not working to your job descriptions whose fault is that??
  4. by   frustratedRN
    is there ANYWHERE you can work without having to put up with this crap?
    why do these shitheads keeping getting away with this?
  5. by   ianurse
    Yes, and have you ever noticed that the worst nurses always seem to be the management and some DR's favorites? Maybe that has something to do with their crappy attitudes. Anyways, I went back to this nurse and asked her in what context this discussion was held. She said she was just asking how the new people were doing and then told me what they had said about at least 1 other person. Apparently, this discussion wasn't even held at work! And this nurse has no reason to ask, and she isn't the supervisor or even a rung above me on the ladder!
  6. by   frustratedRN
    maybe it has something to do with the fact that there are so many nurses on a unit and this is their attempt at fitting in and being part of "management"
    this is where all my problems started. one nurse is friends with the charge nurse. this charge nurse is probably going to be promoted to some managerial postition one day. too bad she doesnt know how to manage ppl.
    anyway this charge nurse had a problem with me. and yeah i did cop an attitude. so her wanna be decided to jump on her bandwagon. the wanna be is a bottom feeder. but she did manage to ruin my job on that unit.
    i can tell you now whats gonna happen....the charge is gonna soon grow tired of the wanna bes immaturity. the wanna be is gonna do something to embarass her and thats gonna be the end of that friendship. then the wanna be is going to stand alone because she is making enemies in the staff.
    i wont be around to see all that tho.
    if they do not let me stay on this unit i am now or let me transfer to another i will find another job and resign.
    now the other nurses i used to work with no longer talk to me. who knows what thats about...i never said anything bad about any of them. but who knows what they heard. who cares as well.

    seems like its always the "nothings" that cause the crap.
    id tell her...hey i heard you were asking about me....lol
  7. by   big_dawg
    You will always have ppl who will hide their short-comings by brown-nosing or complaining about others. Eventually they will get caught.
    My advise, find another job.
  8. by   hoolahan
    This is too bad. Prior to this person saying anything to you, you enjoyed your job and had no problems? I say, if you like it, stay.

    What she said is only heresay.

    If you ask me, this person has no class whatsoever. She should never be in management, b/c she can't keep her bigmouth shut. Yet, she suggests you say something about what you heard? have you considered she is trying to set you up? Maybe she is jealous b/c the docs DID like you? Then if you say something, and you tell them where you heard it, why wouldn't she be concerned that she would get into trouble? I'll tell you why, she has NO intention of admitting she shared this info with you OR backing you up!!

    If someone wants to tryly help you or be your "friend" in the workplace, they will jump in when you are drowning and throw you a lifeline. Not this way, but when your pt is coding, they will watch your other pt's for you and take vitals w/o having to be asked. They will answer your pt's call lights if you are tied up with a grieving family. And, when they have a problem, you do the same for them.

    This "nurse" is NOT helping you by telling you this. Furthermore, it wasn't even said at work in any kind of formal review? This is crap!

    I would possibly just ask the nurse manager, in private, if there have been any complaints about you. Do not offer any more than that. Just say, I would rather not disclose where I heard this from, but if there are any problems with my performance, I would like to know, so I can correct them.

    Do NOT stoop to her tattle tale level. You only need to be concerned with yourself and your performance. Your "friend" does not seem to understand this concept.

    I would be the first one to tell you to leave a job if you were given unsafe assignments, or really getting verabl abuse, but you did not mention any of that, and if it weren't for this person, you would otherwise have had no problem with your position and seemed to enjoy it. (?)

    If however, you feel so betrayed that you can't go on in this place, considering less money and travel, just be aware, that people like this exist everywhere. She is a snake and an agitater. It could even be worse where you go.

    My advise? Don't do anything for a few days, think on it, go out and watch the sunset by yourself. Make a list of pros and cons to staying or leaving. Don't let someone else burst your bubble. As far as I can "read" this situation, you are being fed BS by this person. Don't let her win, unless moving on is what YOU want.

    Good Luck!!!
  9. by   JennieBSN
    Margaret, youROCK!! I'm putting that sage advice in my back pocket to keep for later.

    You go, girl.
  10. by   ianurse
    I just thought I should clarify that the person I dubbed as a friend is a different nurse entirely that also works there. To make a long story short, the only change that has happened in the last few days is: this nurse left the floor, said she wasn't feeling well, and went to sleep in the DR. lounge for 2.5 hours and got up as day shift was coming in and said. I'm not feeling well see ya didn't count narcs etc. Needless to say she was the charge nurse-we work 12 hours night shifts. I may not be the best in the ER, but at least I'm awake!!! Can't wait to see what happens when that gets back around to management!!
  11. by   hoolahan
    This chick is something else!!

    Give her enough rope and she will certainly hang herself. She thinks having the doctor as her buddy gives her the power, huh?

    Sleeping in the doctor's lounge, I am taking it as she was alone of course, is not appropriate. If she was ill, she should have called the nursing supervisor, and been sent home. That is what sick time is for!

    If she ever pulls that stunt again, I would call the supervisor and ask her to "look in" on this "poor sick nurse" b/c you are "worried" about her. In every place I have worked, sleeping on the job is grounds for immediate dismissal. OK, I am not opening up a debate on what people do on their break, if they want to lay down for 30 minutes and are off the clock, fine, but this chick slept for 2.5 hours?? If she doesn't get in trouble for that, you may as well leave, b/c you will know who has the power there. Tell me where you work, b/c I would love to get paid for sleeping on the job!!

    Do you think that by "not anticipating" the doctor's needs, she means in a "special" way that she is?? Just curious