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i want you guys' opinion on something. i had a really bad day, and instead of explaining what happened, i am going to copy and paste my statement of what occurred that i plan to give to my don and... Read More

  1. by   jnette
    Quote from KarenAR
    Even if you technically should have started by talking to Charge Nurse directly, I can certainly see why you didn't! "Freaky" seems to be an understatement (?).

    I am baffled as to how Charge Nurse gets to be Charge Nurse when she acts so childish...and I am baffled as to why should would bring your family into it at all? Weird. Does she know your family and/or do her kids go to school with your kids? If so, I would definitely take her comments as a threat and would go up EVERY STEP of the chain of command (including the DON and the HR dept.) until I found someone willing to address this issue with Charge Nurse. (She should be severely reprimanded for her statements and retaliatory actions.)

    You are right on the money turning in this writeup to the DON, in my opinion.

    BTW, I also think you handled it very well and very professionally when she brought your family into it. This was a great response:

    Good job! You kept a "cool head" and said exactly what you should have said here. Called her on it and set the boundaries!
    I agree with Karen 100% here.

    You did well. I, too, would have chosen to addresse the problem with Charge Nurse initially, simply so that she would have no reason to be ticked that you didn't. She would then have "no excuse".. (not that there IS any excuse for her following behavior and remarks).

    As far as her comments go.. I would be LIVID. That is sooooooooooo out of place. Incredible. An extreme attempt at intimidation... very manipulative.

    Surely she would have to know that this would bother and worry you... and exactly why she chose to do it.
    Then again, who knows WHAT she is capable of if indeed, she is not quite stable? I don't like it one bit, and I would be sure to have her called on it. It was nothing less than a threat made toward your family.
  2. by   weetziebat
    Sorry if I gave the impression I thought you should apologize because you'd been in the wrong. I think you were totally right, and agree that you handled the situation very well when she made those remarks about your family. I just mentioned apologizing for upsetting her because you didn't go to her first with your concerns, thinking that that might pacify her enough so you could get it all straightened out. I hate having to work with so much conflict
    I also think it was pretty tacky for whoever told her about the meeting you guys had in the first place.
    Why does it always seem that these weird, troublemaking co-workers are so often in supervisory positions??
    Your decision to take a mental health day today was very wise. They are a necessity. Now, try to enjoy your week-end and not stress about Monday.
  3. by   nurseygrrl
    Well, I had a meeting with the DON and Joe Supervisor about the situation today. The DON's first response was 'Don't worry, nothing is going to happen to your daughter!' DUH!!! That wasn't the point!

    Charge Nurse was off today, but Joe Supervisor said we're all going to have a meeting tomorrow and discuss this. The write-up was pulled from my file which made me very happy .

    I am juat happy that I made everyone aware...that way if she pulls anything else, they'll know about this prior incident.

    Remember the days when you just went to work, did your job, and came home? Sheesh!

    Thanks again to everyone for listening.
  4. by   weetziebat
    Good for you!! Glad to hear the write up was pulled from your file. Imagine she will be more careful about messing with you in the future. Hopefully anyway
  5. by   perry247
    Never signs something you truely believe you didn't do. Because when you signed that paper your saying you are one at fault. When you didn't fill in comments in you are fully agreeing to the problem at hand. I hate conflict at work. Thats why Iam not a charge nurse at my hospital (had many offers to be one), hate to create and cause conflict.........:stone
  6. by   kids
    Quote from HerEyes73
    Charge Nurse was off today, but Joe Supervisor said we're all going to have a meeting tomorrow and discuss this.
    Please let us know how it goes.
  7. by   jnette
    Glad the joke of a "write up" was pulled.

    But my real issue is with her comments to you regarding your daughter/family.

    This truly needs to be addressed, and firmly so. If it were me, this person would be soooooooooooo out the door. :stone