What Would You Do? Accepted to 2 schools.....

  1. Hello All:

    I have been accepted to a ASN fulltime-day program (Fall 09) at a Community College and a BSN full-time evening program (Sp 10). I work full-time days and make a decent salary in this tough economy. The ASN is cheaper, less credit hours (10 max per semester), and is a great program. However, I would have to quit my job which I'm not sure I could do, financially. Not sure if I would be able to find a decent paying part-time job.

    I have all of my pre-reqs for the BSN program. It's in the evenings but its 5-nights per week (2nd semester on....). Also a good school. Roughly 12 - 16 credit hrs per semester (5 semesters total). It is extremely expensive so I would need to take out additional private loans to pay for it but I could still work at my current job. I would have to eventually switch to a part-time job but probably not until third semester.

    My only issue is our financial situation. I have a hubby, kid, and lots of expenses. I'm afraid to quit my job now they way things are going in this economy. What would you do?
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  3. by   crisann
    i agree. I'm in a very similar situation in trying to decide whether to go back next fall and leave my current (stable) position or wait until the economy picks up. I'll be interested in hearing what advice you receive, but in the end, only YOU can decide what's best for you/your family. best of luck
  4. by   nursgirl

    What about going to the ASN program and taking out student loans for a semester or two to help get by? At my college after the first semester is completed there are all kinds of job openings at local hospitals for paid student positions... and those often lead to jobs after graduation...

    Just my ... then again I am CHEAP hahaha. I would rather start working sooner (even by 1 semester) without all those massive student loans coming out of my paychecks for years to come...
  5. by   caliotter3
    I would keep my day job and go to the evening BSN program. You will come out ahead all the way around. Good luck.
  6. by   nebrgirl
    I know you'll hear lots of folks say they have worked full time and gone to school....but just keep in mind that nursing school involves lots of outside classroom hours. I'm a pretty good student as in not having to study a lot (ie I remember most of what I hear in lectures, do I good job using logic to figure things out, etc)....but nursing school has a lot of "busy work" otherwise known as careplans....that in my opinion take plenty of time, plus going to the clinical site and researching your pt, takes time...so working full time with family is a real challenge unless your one of those who can get by on 4 hrs of sleep a night.

    Ultimately you know your abilities better than anyone else...wishing you best of luck!!
  7. by   luv2swim
    I think that having a husband and child-the ADN day program would work for you. I think it would be hard to work and go 5 nights in a row of school. Of course the BSN is the way to go, but you can always find an on-line RN-BSN program down the road. For now maybe you could find a part-time job that would work with your school schedule-then eventually you could find a CNA job or Extern(I know from my own experience they want you to have at least 1 yr of clinicals to be an extern) It's a tough call what to do as far as you current job goes. Just have to weigh it all out!!
    Good Luck in whatever you decide!
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