What was your secret weapon for surviving nursing school?? - page 6

:p Hi! I am a new nursing student(I have only been in school for about 3months). With all of the studying that we as nursing students must do to excell in this profession, it can be physically and... Read More

  1. by   sweetcheekers
    I think the person that said "how bad do you want it" summed it up. Nursing school is kind of like marriage. It is up to you wether it works or not. (Luckily with nursing school, though, its up to you alone and not dependent on your "other half" as well.) It all comes down to committment, discipline, and perseverence. If you make up your mind that this is what you are going to do and go full throttle ahead, you WILL do it. I think discipline is the key. Just remind yourself that you can do ANYTHING temporarily. This is not for the rest of your life, just for awhile. I just finished my LPN year and am 6 weeks into my RN year. I am counting on those that have told me that there is life after nursing school. Oh, and BTW, completing my LPN year as a mom of 2 small children with straight A's was the best feeling of my life!!!! Last year was hard, but there are huge payoffs. My self esteem has never been better. I feel completely empowered. I've never met more interesting and fun people than I have in my program. There is a sense of comraderie among nursing students that you don't find in other areas. Believe it or not, it is stimulating to be learning new things that will benefit others and it was very encouraging to me to realize that I still have a functioning brain after spending 7 years home with my children! GOOD LUCK!!!